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MAE Professor on whether “To Drone or Not to Drone”

You would have read or heard about it or even seen a real one! Yes, we are talking drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), a topic which is very much in the news nowadays. We were pleased, as part of our regular Lee Wee Nam Library lunch time talk series, to have Professor Rajkumar Pant, MAE Visiting Professor from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, to deliver a talk titled: “To Drone or Not To Drone” at Lee Wee Nam Library on 30th March 2016. The talk was not just of interest to aerospace engineering students & researchers but also people from other engineering disciplines as well as those with non-engineering background. There were more than 50 present on the day of the talk.  Interest on this topic was strong, judging by the number of questions fielded to Prof Rajkumar by the participants after his talk. The talk also included a live-demo of a nano-drone by a licensed drone pilot – click here for the short demo video. See more photos of the event here.