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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Radar micro-Doppler signatures : processing and applications
Edited by Victor C. Chen, David Tahmoush and William J. Miceli.
TK6592.D6R124, Lee Wee Nam Library

There is a growing interest in how to use radar micro-Doppler signatures in real world applications. This book introduces basic concepts, principles, and theoretical analysis on the micro-Doppler effect in radar and pulls together the latest research on the processing and application of radar micro-Doppler signatures. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: The Micro-doppler effect in radar
Author: Chen, Victor C.
Call number: TK6592.D6C518
Availability:    Click here

The book presents code for simulating radar backscattering from targets with various motions, generating micro-Doppler signatures, and analyzing the characteristics of targets. In this title, professionals will find detailed descriptions of the physics and mathematics of the Doppler and micro-Doppler effect. The book provides a wide range of clear examples, including an oscillating pendulum, a spinning and precession heavy top, rotating rotor blades of a helicopter, rotating wind-turbine blades, a person walking with swinging arms and legs, a flying bird, and movements of quadruped animals. [As taken from Amazon]