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Nanotube superfiber materials : changing engineering design
By Schulz, Mark J
TA418.9.N35N186as, Lee Wee Nam Library

Nanotube Superfiber Materials refers to different forms of macroscale materials with unique properties constructed from carbon nanotubes. These materials include nanotube arrays, ribbons, scrolls, yarn, braid, and sheets. Nanotube materials are in the early stage of development and this is the first dedicated book on the subject. Transitioning from molecules to materials is a breakthrough that will positively impact almost all industries and areas of society.

Key properties of superfiber materials are high flexibility and fatigue resistance, high energy absorption, high strength, good electrical conductivity, high maximum current density, reduced skin and proximity effects, high thermal conductivity, lightweight, good field emission, piezoresistive, magnetoresistive, thermoelectric, and other properties. These properties will open up the door to dozens of applications including replacing copper wire for power conduction, EMI shielding, coax cable, carbon biofiber, bullet-proof vests, impact resistant glass, wearable antennas, biomedical microdevices, biosensors, self-sensing composites, supercapacitors, superinductors, hybrid superconductor, reinforced elastomers, nerve scaffolding, energy storage, and many others. [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Materials Science & Engineering

Title: Titanium dioxide nanomaterials

Author: Symposium GG, “Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials” (2011 : San Francisco, Calif.)  

Call number: TA418.9.N35S989t 2011

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Titanium dioxide nanomaterials have been showing very promising applications in many fields. Scientists from all over the world have gathered together to discuss the most recent advances in areas spanning from theoretical calculations to fundamental surface science and to materials fabrication, characterization and practical exploitation. More than 160 papers, presentations and posters, were accepted in Symposium GG, “Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials,” at the 2011 MRS Spring Meeting held April 25-29 in San Francisco, California. In this volume are some of the selected papers which cover the synthesis, properties, and applications of titanium dioxide nanomaterials. [As taken from Syndetics]

New Title for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  Title:  Nanotube array supercapacitor
Author:  Xie, Yibing.
Call number:  TK7872.C65X6 
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Nanotube array supercapacitors have been designed for electric double layer and redox capacitance applications using bare titania nanotubes and electroactive nickel oxide or ruthenium oxide modified titania nanotube composite electrodes. Titania nanocomplexes with nanoribbon-nanotube and nanowire-nanotube structure have been synthesised through a two-step anodisation process. The well-defined titania has been applied for electric double layer supercapacitor applications. This book presents and discusses current research in the creation and application of nanotube array supercapacitors. [As taken from the book cover]