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Optical biomimetics : materials and applications

Optical biomimetics : materials and applications
By Large, Maryanne.
QD924.P62, Lee Wee Nam Library
Optical biomimetics, the study of natural systems to inspire novel solutions to problems in optical technologies, is attracting increasing interest. Many optical systems in nature have been refined over millions of years, and they can often provide insights into better designs, or inspirations into new approaches. Optical biomimetics provides and reviews key research in this area, focusing on the characterisation of optical effects in nature, and showing how they can be applied in new technologies. [As taken from Syndetics]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Microwave photonic links : components and circuits
Author: Rumelhard, Christian
Call number: TK5103.59.R936
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This book presents the electrical models for the different elements of a photonic microwave link like lasers, external modulators, optical fibers, photodiodes and phototransistors. The future trends of these components are also introduced: lasers to VCSEL, external modulators to electro-absorption modulators, glass optical fibers to plastic optical fibers, photodiodes to UTC photodiodes or phototransistor. [As taken from Amazon]

New Title for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  Title:   Optical fibers for designing multiple applications
Author:   Venkitesh, Deepa.
Call number:   TK5103.592.F52V461
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This volume describes various aspects of third-order nonlinearity in optical fibers for designing multiple applications. The authors present the origin of third order susceptibility at a molecular level and the consequences of the large value of nonlinear index parameter of silica fibers. They explore details of the numerical solution of the nonlinear  equation, which governs the pulse propagation through the nonlinear medium, using the split step Fourier Transform. They also examine Gaussian pulse propagation and provide a numerical analysis for the propagation of a beat signal through a fiber and conclude with a discussion of applications, including the design of a multiwavelength source for communication systems. [As provided by Syndetic Solutions]