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New Title for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Book cover image
Title: Prototyping and low-volume production
Author: Thompson, Rob.
Call number: TS171.8.T475
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Part of a series on manufacturing for designers, this colorful illustrated guide to manufacturing processes is intended to provide designers with technical information on making materials and production decisions for prototyping. The work is divided into sections covering forming technologies, joining processes and finishes and each short chapter provides color photographs, technical illustrations and descriptions of an example project made using each manufacturing method. Processes include traditional arts such as lost wax casting and panel beating as well as modern techniques like composite lamination and direct metal laser sintering. Rob Thompson is a designer currently working for Nokia and the author of Manufacturing Processes for Design Professional.[Publisher Info]

New Title for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

 Book cover image Title:  Kansei engineering and soft computing : theory and practice
Author:    Dai, Ying 
Call number:   TA166.K16A
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This collection of nineteen articles on Kansei engineering, the principle of designing products based on human-like reactions and interaction, explores current scholarship in the integration of this Japanese design principle within a variety of computing disciplines. The work is divided into sections covering the principles and techniques of Kansei and the measurement and analysis of its implementation and effectiveness, while individual essays discuss such topics as soft computing, text mining, DNA computing, fuzzy logic, music and Kansei, robot facial expression applications, salivary biomarkers and artificial intelligence development. Contributors include academics in a variety of disciplines from primarily Asian universities with a focus on institutions in China and Japan. [As taken from Amazon.com]

Runaway new product

Among the products listed in the “New Products” section of the 23rd April, 2012 issue of Nikkei Weekly is a “Runaway alarm clock”. Also known as Nandaclocky, it is described as an alarm clock robot that sounds a very loud alarm and also rolls away from the bed side table to force those with trouble getting out of bed to  run after it. The product design is cute with a unique, quirky appeal as the Youtube video below will demonstrate. How new is the product?  The product is currently being sold at online stores such as Amazon.com and Uncommon goods. A quick search on Google patent search throws up few results and lists a robotic vehicle with a citation for a similar product circa 2005 . It may be that the product marketing and licensing was extended to include other non-U.S. regions later, however not withstanding this technicality, the novelty issue is still debatable.


New Title for Product Design

9782940373178 Title:  The Fundamentals of Product Design
Author:  Richard Morris
Call number:  TS171.M877
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This book is about understanding the process of product design, from start to finish.

  • Detailed overview, perfect introduction for students
  • More than 200 color images plus easy-to-understand flow charts

What is product design? It’s materials, manufacturing, ideas, CAD, engineering, art, marketing, and so much more. “The Fundamentals of Product Design” is an integrated overview of the design process, gathering information about every facet from idea to execution to selling into one handy volume. Full of inspiring visuals and enlightening diagrams, this book is a celebration of everyday design and a remarkable one-volume reference work for students and working designers. [As taken from Amazon.com]