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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Innovations in mobile multimedia communications and applications : new technologies
Author:          Khalil, Ismail
Call number: TK5105.15.I58
Availability: Click here

The book provides an in-depth coverage of next-generation mobile computing paradigm, including mobile wireless technologies, mobile services and applications, and research and development challenges surrounding backend systems, network infrastructure, and mobile terminals including smart phones and other mobile devices. [As taken from Amazon]

[Article]: Is Mobile Email Addiction Overlooked?

With the use of smart phones, mobile internet and email are accessible through the mobile device. Checking email remotely become a trend or a stress, depends on who give you the smart phone: company or personal use.

The article studied the technology symptom that was coined as “mobile email addiction”.  It discovered and explained the effect of the addict symptom. It further provided the potential issues which can cause the company liability for the addiction claims.

[Source: “Is Mobile Email Addiction Overlooked? Studying the prevalence of mobile email addiction and the associated possible implications for organizations” by Ofir Turel and Alexander Serenko. Communications of the ACM, May 2010, Vol 53, No. 5, pp 41-43.]