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New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Computer network security and cyber ethics
By Joseph Migga Kizza.
TK5105.59.K62 2014, Lee Wee Nam Library


In its 4th edition, this book remains focused on increasing public awareness of the nature and motives of cyber vandalism and cybercriminals, the weaknesses inherent in cyberspace infrastructure, and the means available to protect ourselves and our society. This new edition aims to integrate security education and awareness with discussions of morality and ethics. The reader will gain an understanding of how the security of information in general and of computer networks in particular, on which our national critical infrastructure and, indeed, our lives depend, is based squarely on the individuals who build the hardware and design and develop the software that run the networks that store our vital information. Addressing security issues with ever-growing social networks are two new chapters: “Security of Mobile Systems” and “Security in the Cloud Infrastructure.” [As taken from Amazon]

New title for Communication and Information Engineering

Title: Mobile services industries, technologies, and applications in the global economy
Author: Lee, In
Call number: TK5103.2.W455
Availability:   Click here

The 18 papers in this collection examine competition and dynamics within the mobile service industries, technologies and standards for new mobile services, and the state-of-the art in mobile applications. The contributors discuss whether the diffusion of mobile service is an evolutionary process, the relationship between fixed wire and mobile broadband, the smartphone market in China, runtime discovery of web services in mobile environments, and HTML 5. The application chapters describe recommendation systems for online articles, location-based social networks, near-field communication adoption factors, and RFID systems for delivering healthcare. [As taken from Syndetics]