The library had recently added a new module – China Geo-Explorer for China Data Online. This add-on component allows manipulation and displays of macroeconomic and microeconomic geospatial data on China up to level of provinces, cities and counties in China.  The broad categories of statistics include National Accounts, Employment, Investment, Price, Finance, Banking, Industry, Transportation, Telecommunications, Trade, Education, Culture, Population and Public Health.

Data can be exported in excel, pdf, html or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Shape files.  This allows for quick and efficient data integration for spatial and non-spatial data display on dynamic charts, tables and maps. The GIS map export function could help to generate the file include the shp file, projection file, the excel table, shx file and other necessary files that could be used as the base map in ArcGIS software for further procession.

To access the China Geo-Explorer,

  1. Go to library databases   >  China Data Online
  2. Select China Geo-Explorer II under China Spatial Data
  3. Scroll down and click  [ Enter ]
    China dataonline6
  4. See user guide for details on accessing and downloading data from China Geo-Explorer II.

Should you have any queries regarding the database or need help in getting data for your assignment, email me at (Economics Librarian).