This year, we decided to do something different during Valentine Week and roped in HSS Club and Student Wellness Centre for a series of event.

Thank you dear students and staff for your enthusiastic “check-outs” of our library highlights both videos and books. We are so glad you like our title selections like A Singapore Love Story, Dollars and Sex, The Paradox of Love, Sleepless in Seattle, Shakespeare in love.

Lih Chin’s talk on “becoming The One” was also very well received and I personally also learnt quite a lot from the role playing and discussions. I bet my Relationship Resume will be just as interesting and attractive like Brandon Gorrell’s. ^_-)

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Awww…A big thanks to everyone for your sweet participation for HSS Club Message dedication. The library is thrilled to receive such loving messages and Giri chocolate from Hikaru-san. (*^_^*)