We are collaborating with Mr Jonathan Sim, a HSS research officer, to run the following workshops during the 1 week vacation break. Held at the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, B1-TR2., we welcome students from any specialisations or schools to participate.


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Click on the links below to register –

Workshop 1 : https://wis.ntu.edu.sg/pls/webexe/REGISTER_NTU.REGISTER?EVENT_ID=OA14092213422250

Workshop 2 : https://wis.ntu.edu.sg/pls/webexe/REGISTER_NTU.REGISTER?EVENT_ID=OA14092213445982

Workshop 3 : https://wis.ntu.edu.sg/pls/webexe/REGISTER_NTU.REGISTER?EVENT_ID=OA14092213480771