Source and photo credit: BBC

Bhutan on language location (28 minute podcast from the BBC)

Listen to anthropologist and linguist Mark Turin as he embarks on a journey of language discovery in Bhutan. He has special access to enter Bhutan as part of a major collaborative research project to document the country’s endangered oral traditions. Learn how English had an impact on Bhutan’s language education policy and how this puts the local indigenous languages at risk.


Source and photo credit: BBC

Myanmar on language location  (28 minute podcast from the BBC)

Myanmar is a land of great linguistic diversity. How do ethnic mother tongues survive in Myanmar? Language is a hot political topic in Myanmar and the country has specific language education policies that caters towards the building of a common national identity. Follow anthropologist and linguist Mark Turin as he explores how the transformations in Myanmar affect the languages and cultures of indigenous ethnic groups that make up much of the population.

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Linguistics videos at the Library

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