Get a head-start for your academic life @ NTU by joining one of these library talks.

Avoiding Plagiarism

11 Aug (Tue)
19 Aug (Wed)

Join this workshop to learn:

  • identify different types of Plagiarism
  • discuss the consequences of plagiarising
  • list the ways to avoid plagiarism
Join us to learn how to:

  • find ebooks
  • download ebooks
  • annotate your ebooks
Discover eBooks at your Library

21 Aug (Fri)

Why Go Beyond Google

18 Aug (Tue)
28 Aug (Fri)

Join us to:

  • understand why Google is NOT enough: its strengths and weaknesses
  • improve your online search strategies
  • discover oneSEARCH: NTU Library’s version of ‘Google’ that searches scholarly articles
Join us to learn how to use this free software to:

  • create mindmaps effortlessly
  • manage information and add links to local files and websites
  • keep track of projects and deadlines easily
Creating Mindmaps

12 Aug (Wed)
20 Aug (Thu)

Join us to:

  • gain an overview of the library’s collections and services
  • learn the basics of searching and locating your course readings
  • learn about who to contact for research help
Getting Started: Library 101

14 Aug (Fri)
25 Aug (Tue)

Presenting with Prezi

17 Aug (Mon)
27 Aug (Thu)

Join us to:

  • learn the basics of Prezi
  • convert powerpoint to prezi slides
  • create animation for content transition
Join us to learn how to:

  • deal with information overload
  • evaluate web information sources critically
  • seamlessly retrieve full text articles or e-books subscribed by NTU library while surfing the web
Scholarly Journals Demystified

13 Aug (Thu)
24 Aug (Mon)