The Journal Citation Reports 2014 Edition are now available.

For our NTU users, simply log into with your NTU network account via our NTU Libraries Homepage > Databases Titles> Journal Citation Reports > JCR Science Edition 2014/JCR Social Sciences Edition 2014 to access them.

Here are some notable new updates/indicators that can be found in. JCR 2014 Edition:

  1. Journal Impact Factor Percentile – compares the performance of journals across categories
  2. Percent Articles in Cited Items – tracks the proportion of articles in non-review journals
  3. Normalized Eignefactor –indicates the relative influence of a particular journal in relation to another journal in the same pool

More details can be found here: http://admin-apps.webofknowledge.com/JCR/static_html/notices/notices.htm

Click to see the full list of the 272 titles that are added to JCR for the first time.

For our Social Sciences and Humanities researchers, below are some examples of the titles that are added for the first time in JCR which might be of interest to you.

Journal Title (Impact Factor)