The American National Biography (ANB) Online is a comprehensive and extensive database of notable people who have shaped American History and Literature, boasting over 19,000 detailed biographies written and updated by a tireless editorial team of experienced academics. Published by Oxford University Press, it is updated every six months, the articles revised to ensure they remain highly accurate and credible sources of information.

It is a remarkably useful resource for anyone doing research on American History or Literature or even just anyone interested in America. Written in clear, simple English, the clear and concise style of its writing makes the detailed information accessible even to someone unfamiliar with the topic, allowing it to serve as a useful research starter or supplement for almost anything about America. The ANB also provides extensive bibliographies for each article, as well as links to external web resources and other primary data.

It is also cross-linked with the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, a sister resource by Oxford University Press, containing almost 60,000 articles for notable persons that affected British History. This allows you to swiftly and conveniently compare the differences between the giants of history whose influence and reach stretched across these two nations, and examine how they are portrayed differently when seen from different perspectives of history.


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