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Do you need a bilingual dictionary to do your linguistics assignment? Are you a student learning French or German? Access Oxford Reference Online’s bilingual dictionaries to quickly look up translations from French to English, English to Spanish, German to English as well as other European languages. Oxford Reference Online also has subject reference resources related to linguistics such as The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics and Encyclopedia of Semiotics. To further explore Oxford Reference Online’s language references, please visit ORO’s language references webpage.

oxford spanish eng ebook  oxford french english ebook  oxford eng italian ebook

Here are some other recommended resources that you might want to refer to:

Sound recordings

bbc french                bbc german

EBSCOhost Audiobook collection

collins easy learning japanese   collins 40min vietnamese collins 40min thai

PressDisplay (newspapers and magazines in various foreign languages)
Select your magazine or newspaper based on language or country and voila! Your e-zine or magazine of your choice in your favourite language.

quebec elle   le parisien