You can now search within an e-Journal titles in OneSearch!  Check out two other improved features like articles discovery with “Search within Publication” and Search keyword with auto-complete which makes accessing E-journals a lot easier!


  1. Go to the Library webpage
  2. Click on e-Journals
  3. Enter the journal title name. Click Go


  4. Result Page
  5. At the result page, click the Availability link to view the resource from which you can view the full text articles for the journal title. Note: The “Search within Publication” feature appears for most of the e-Journals which are indexed within OneSearch.

    e-Journals 3



  1. Go to the e-Journals List


  2. You can browse journals by discipline. Click on each discipline to see a result list of titles.

    e-Journals 2


If you have any enquiries, please email askalibrarian@ntu.edu.sg.