Moocs, otherwise known as Massive open online courses are gaining popularity. With more and more universities offering such free online courses, one begins to question whether traditional/conventional lectures will become obsolete one day.

While one might think that this seems to be too futuristic, a recent article by Chronicle of Higher Education suggests otherwise.

Christine Ortiz, a professor and dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has decided to do something evolutionary – starting a nonprofit university with no majors, no lectures and no classrooms. For example, taking the place of lectures will be online modular courses instead (think Moocs) where technologies will enable active learning on these online platforms.

Click on this link to read more about her interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Interested to know more about online learning and teaching etc? Check out the The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Re:Learning project which provides you with updates, stories and analysis about the changing environments in higher education.

NTU Libraries have some resources too that can satisfy your intellectual curiosity on this topic! Try, for example the following resources:

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