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Amazon’s Echo (Source: ZDNet)

The Echo From Amazon Brims With Groundbreaking Promise
Farhad Manjoo
New York Times, March 9, 2016

Echo, a voice-controlled wireless speaker built by Amazon, seems to be in the news lately.
It is a small machine which you address as Alexa “which performs a variety of tasks — playing music, reading the news
and weather, keeping a shopping list — that you can already do on your phone.”

Echo’s “voice-recognition capabilities are more intuitive than those of many other vocal assistants (like Apple’s
Siri or Google Now). More than that, it keeps gaining new powers.”

Amazon created the Echo because of “interesting possibilities arising out of advances in microphone technology,
speech recognition and cloud connectivity.”  According to the NYT article, “it can tell you transit schedules, start a seven-minute workout, read recipes, do math and conversions, and walk you through adventure games, among other possibilities.”   Echo also ties in to Amazon’s main retail store business.

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Image Source: New York Times & Stuart Goldenberg

Image Source: New York Times & Stuart Goldenberg