Britain voted to leave EU on Thursday 23 June 2016. After the announcement and throughout Friday the pound plummeted against all of the major currencies. With a weakened pound, imports will become expensive, thus most likely triggring inflation. With inflation, the Central Bank will need to increase interest rates to keep inflation low. See what Economist Experts had to say about the brexit.

European Union Centre, Singapore

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the European Union Centre in Singapore and Senior Research Fellow at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), sketched out some of the challenges to UK and the EU and warned of greater geopolitical implications of an acrimonious and long drawn out negotiations between the UK and EU in her commentary to Straits Times. EU Centre also compiled media news and views from Europe and Asia on Brexit’s aftermath and impact and a myriad of reactions from leaders, businesses and citizens.

Planet Money PodCast

Roubini Global Economics

Listen to audio conference sharing by Brunello Rosa, Rachel Ziemba and other members of the Roubini Research team as they provide signposts through the maelstrom of uncertainty in Europe, U.S. and China. Please login using your NTU Network username + Roubini account.