Get a head-start for your academic life @ NTU by joining one of these library talks.

Transforming Data into Infographics

16 Aug (Tue)
07 Sep (Wed)

Join us to:

  • understand what infographics are and why they are useful
  • identify the different types of infographics
  • create infographics using easy online tools

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Join us to learn how to use this free software to:

  • create mindmaps effortlessly
  • manage information and add links to local files and websites
  • keep track of projects and deadlines easily

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Creating Mind Maps

22 Aug (Mon)
05 Sep (Mon)

Join us to learn how to:

  • learn how to search for ebooks and audiobooks subscribed by the library
  • see the main features of popular ebook platforms
  • download ebooks and audiobooks to your devices and PC

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Discover ebooks at your library

17 Aug (Wed)

Searching Beyond GOOGLE:
Why Googling is not enough!

18 Aug (Thu)
09 Sep (Fri)
Join us to:

  • understand Google’s strengths and weaknesses
  • find out what information Google is hiding from you
  • learn how to overcome Google’s search limitations

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Join us to:

  • learn the basics of Evernote and what it can do
  • how to make the most out of Evernote’s functions
  • what you can do to maximise your research efficiency using Evernote

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Organising Research with Evernote

19 Aug (Fri)
23 Aug (Tue)

Presenting with Prezi

25 Aug (Thu)
31 Aug (Wed)

Join us to:

  • learn the basics of Prezi
  • convert powerpoint to prezi slides
  • create animation for content transition

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