Presentations are a constant in life, whether it counts to your final grade for a module, completing your final year project, speaking at a conference or giving sales pitches in the future. Consequently, having good presentation skills will not only give you that extra advantage over your classmates but also will benefit you beyond your university years.

Here are some tips prepared by the University of British Columbia Student Services on what constitutes a good presenter.


  • Have a focused message to deliver, and tailor it to your audience
  • Give examples where possible
  • Have visual aids which do not detract from what you are trying to say
  • Have cue cards to prompt you but do not read off the script
  • Be prepared for questions
  • Record yourself when practicing

For the full list of tips, refer to this link.

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If you require more resources to improve your presentation skills, check out these links.

  1. The University of Leicester has a list of study guides and tutorials to help you prep for different kinds of presentations.
  2. The University of Queensland breaks the presentation skillset into 4 aspects (presence, visuals, task and timing) and looks at them individually.