Public speaking is a very important skill that everyone, university students included, should strive to master. Research has also shown that an audience will perceive a speaker’s intelligence based more on the way he or she speaks rather than on the contents of the speech. Hence it is crucial to learn to speak properly so that you can capture your audience’s attention and get your points across to them effectively.

Below are some tips from WriteMyEssays for improving your public speaking skills.

  1. Work on your posture – Stand straight with a relaxed spine to project a self-assured outward image
  2. Avoid mindless language – Do not speak in clichés or use buzzwords as it conveys a lack of original thought
  3. Speak loudly, not forcefully – Learn to project your voice but do not shout
  4. Pay close attention to your voice – Listen carefully to your own voice so as to refine it
  5. Avoid ‘vocal fry’ or other vocal irritants – Do not use rising intonation and end words with a raspy growl
  6. Don’t be afraid of silence – Pausing emphasizes and adds thoughtfulness to your speech
  7. Don’t weigh in unless you have something to add – Steer conversation towards familiar ground

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