Managing your time when you’re preparing for exams is very important. Serious consequences may happen when you are unable to manage your time properly. So how can you take control of your time management? Take a look at these time management tips so that you can plan your time effectively during the exam period, which in turn can reduce your stress and make your exam successful.

“To-Do” list / Daily Planner: make a to-do list or daily planner for your next day the night before. Write down things you have to do and put most important or urgent tasks on top. Be sure to set deadlines for these tasks. There are dozens of apps available to help you manage your time in various ways, you may consider the use of them to schedule and manage your tasks.

Find your right time to study: choose your best time to study according to your habits. For example, if you are a ‘morning person’, don’t try to study late at night. Try to study the same subject at the same time so that it becomes a regular study habit.

Set aside chunks of study time: break up your tasks into chunks (about 45minutes – 1 hour) and have a rest between chunks. You may study another course after the break to help keep yourself freshest.

Avoid distractions: distractions are everywhere today, but we can still find ways to stay focused and minimize the distractions. Here are some tips easy to follow and will help you stay focused:

  • think about and choose the place where you are the most focused, it could be the library, the study room and even a coffee shop.
  • nowaday, the biggest sources of distraction probably come from social media, the internet and mobile phones, so take yourself “offline” until you’ve accomplished your tasks.

Leave enough time for sleep, relaxation and exercise: don’t forget your personal essentials. Remember that all of them are important for your state of mind and will help you clear your head.

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