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Lena is a librarian in the Advisory and Consultation Team (that means I am your librarian - ask me anything about the library :).

Launch of Digital Project Bibliography on the History of Nanyang University

About 60 guests attended a ceremony held at the Hive on 23 October 2015 where Mr Chia Ban Seng, President of the Association of Nanyang University Graduates, presided over the official launch of the NTU Digital ProjectBibliography on the History of Nanyang University” 南洋大学历史参考资料目录.  After speeches by University Librarian, Mr Choy Fatt Cheong, Chair, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Liu Hong and Mr Chia Ban Seng, there was a talk “Studies on Nanyang University: Retrospective and Prospective” given by Associate Professor Lee Guan Kin, Distinguished Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture. There was also a short talk by Head of Chinese Library, Ms Ruan Yang, calling for “citizen historians” to contribute by checking for accuracy, contributing new records, or donating documents. The online bibliography currently has about 15,000 records of various format types since the 1950s, compiled and edited by NTU Chinese Library. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic, please contact us.

Library Menus for Science 2.0 Researchers : May we take your order please?


Caught at the tail end of Nobuko Miyairi‘s Academic Publishing Talk Series Lecture entitled “Evolving Research Tools in Scholarly Communication” : that’s Goh Su Nee, Scholarly Communication Group Senior Assistant Director, in an apron presenting  NTU Libraries Menus for Science 2.0 researchers.  Click on the menu to see appetizer, main course and dessert details. Bon appetit!