Release of Impact Factors for Year 2015 – JCR 2014 Edition

The impact factors released for the year 2015 i.e. Journal Citation Reports 2014 Edition are now available.

For our NTU users, simply log into with your NTU network account via our NTU Libraries Homepage > Databases Titles> Journal Citation Reports > JCR Science Edition 2014/JCR Social Sciences Edition 2014 to access them.

Here are some notable new updates/indicators that can be found in. JCR 2014 Edition:

  1. Journal Impact Factor Percentile – compares the performance of journals across categories
  1. Percent Articles in Cited Items – tracks the proportion of articles in non-review journals
  1. Normalized Eignefactor – indicates the relative influence of a particular journal in relation to another journal in the same pool

More details about these updates and more can be found here.

Below are some examples of titles that are added for the first time in JCR.

JCR Science Edition 2014 JCR Social Sciences Edition 2014
Journal Title Impact
Journal Title Impact Factor
Analysis and Mathematical Physics 0.475 Contemporary Southeast Asia 0.469
Journal of Visualized Experiments 1.325 Critical Sociology 0.491
IET Biometrics 0.857 Journal of Socio-Economics 0.505
European Journal for Philosophy of Science 1.195 Sport Management Review 1.214
Biomaterials Science 3.831 Social Psychological and Personality Science 2.561
International Journal of Aerospace Engineering 0.481 First Language 1.400
Nanophotonics 5.686 Journal of Destination Marketing & Management 1.000
JAMA Internal Medicine 13.116 Global Strategy Journal 3.694
Journal Of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 0.500 Historical Journal 0.479
IEEE Journal On Emerging and Selected Topics In Circuits and Systems 1.524 Journal of Behavioral Addictions 1.873

The full list of the 272 titles that are added for the first time in JCR can be found here.

Need assistance or more information about impact factors and citation counts? Feel free to contact us Our friendly scholarly communication librarians will then get in touch with you to assist you.

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