Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore Requires Researchers to Share Data

The global trend in increasing emphasis on managing and sharing research data is beginning to creep onto the shores of Singapore. With effect from 1 May 2015, all new MOH funded research projects would be required to make available peer-reviewed publications open access. Grant applications requesting at least S$250,000 must include a Data Sharing Plan from end 2015 (probably November) onwards.

The Data Sharing Plan is a document that outlines what and how research data will be made available for access after project. The Data Sharing Plan template is likely to be released closer to the grant call in November 2015.

For more details, you may like to take a look at the Research Data and Governance briefing slides presented by MOH NMRC (National Medical Research Council) during their March 2015 research data sharing roadshows.

If you’re a NTU researcher who is interested to talk to a Data Librarian about how to make your research data more discoverable and how to fulfil MOH’s data sharing requirement, please contact us at .