Email Practice Recommendations

This set of recommendations on the record keeping and archiving of emails is targeted primarily at researchers who use email as a communication medium in discussing and documenting their work with colleagues within and outside of NTU. The goal is to ensure that such email records are maintained systematically so that they can be efficiently retrieved when needed and used as evidence in resolving disputes and contentions when they arise.

There are 3 simple rules in these recommended guidelines. Adherence to them will ensure consistency in record keeping and help to achieve the state objectives. Email is widely used in many areas of work and for a variety of purpose. These guidelines may be too restrictive or not appropriate in other areas and for other purposes, though they can be adopted with modification.

3 Rules for email practice presents the 3 Rules and the details on how to conform to these rules as well as the explanations on the rationale for the rules. The FAQ provides further guidance and examples on good email practices.

Click One page guide- Email practice recommendations for the summarized version for the guidelines of the 3 Rules.