NISO to develop standards for altmetrics

Type ‘altmetrics’ in google scholar today and it will pull out more than 4,000 records. Interest and discussion in the use of alternative metrics to measure research impact is growing but there is no agreement on what gets measured, what are the criteria used for assessing quality of the measures, etc. The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has taken the lead to address these questions and to “develop community-based standards or recommended practices in altmetrics”.

In their June 2013 press release, Todd Carpenter, NISO Executive Director, stated that “The creation of altmetrics standards and best practices will facilitate the community trust in altmetrics, which will be a requirement for any broad-based acceptance, and will ensure that these altmetrics can be accurately compared and exchanged across publishers and platforms.”

This project is scheduled to complete within 2 years.

altmetrics : how librarians can help prepare faculty?

In their 5 page document, Riding the crest of the altmetrics wave : how librarians can help prepare faculty for the next generation of research impact metrics, the authors Scott Lapinski, Heather Piwowar and Jason Priem suggest the following :

1. Know the literature : eg. . keep current on the discussion around altmetrics.
2. Know the tools :
3. Integrate altmetrics into library outreach and education

Article-Level Metrics – A SPARC Primer

Curious about altmetrics and want to learn more about it? SPARC recently released a 14 page document, Article-Level Metrics — A SPARC Primer.

Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) is an emerging hot topic in scholarly publishing and this primer aims to give campus leaders and other interested parties an overview of what ALMs are, why they matter, how they complement established utilities and metrics, and how they might be considered for use in the tenure and promotion process.

Table of contents :
1. Executive summary
2. Article-level metrics defined
3. Article-level metricxs and open access
4. article-level metrics capture
5. ARticle-level metrics in action (A mention of info providers that have incorporated ALMs in their user experiences, eg. PLOS, Scopus, Nature …)
6. Article-level metrics and the tenure and promotion process (include some recommendations for institutions interested in exploring ALMs)
7. Limitations of article-level metrics
8. Potential of article-level metrics
9. Appendix : Altmetrics tools

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