Learn more about Open Access & OA Theses

What is Open Access?   It is free, immediate and online access to published scholarly research and articles.

In August 2011, NTU Provost Prof Freddy Boey announced an institution-wide Open Access mandate which requires
1) all staff to deposit their final accepted manuscripts in the institutional repository DR-NTU, and
2) PhD and other research theses, in DR-NTU, to be made open access.

Many universities, eg. MIT, HKU, Caltech, Cambridge, ETH, have also made their theses open access. You can now further your literature review and easily access these OA theses collections and leverage on research done by graduate students in NTU and from other institutions around the world.

Tips on searching for Open Access theses :

a) Search DR-NTU for NTU OA theses,
b) Search OATD.org to extend discovery to freely available theses from other repositories as well.
OATD indexes open access theses from over 800 institutional repositories around the world, including NTU’s. To date, there are close to 1.9 million records in OATD.org.

Contact scholarlycomm@ntu.edu.sg to learn more about open access theses or DR-NTU.

If you need assistance with your research, contact your personal subject librarian.