Publishers now require authors to use ORCID Identifiers when they submit their publications for review

Dear NTU researchers,

In addition to the Royal Society, seven more publishers now require you to use an ORCID identifier during your manuscript submission process. They are: The American Geophysical Union (AGU), eLife, EMBO, Hindawi, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Public Library of Science (PLOS).

This means that when you submit your manuscript to these publishers, you need to provide your ORCID ID number.

Interested to find out more? You may wish to refer to ORCID’s official blog for more details.

Also, to know more about why and how you can create an ORCID ID, you may wish to refer to our scholarlycomm blog entry on ORCID related information, and the ORCID official website.

Feel free to email us  should you have any enquires related to ORCID.