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Chinese Medicine Treatment of Some Common Ailments Exhibition at LWNL

Chinese Medicine Treatment of Some Common Ailments Exhibition is now on in LWNL. The Exhibition is a collaboration between NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic and Science Library. Besides posters to explain facts about common ailments such as acne and constipation, the Exhibition also features herbal remedies to relieve these common complaints! Also on display are books on wellness and longevity.

Do drop by at LWNL to view the Exhibition; it ends on 20 Oct 2013.





Although the web site aims to promote the trade and culture of Chinese Medicine, there are much valuable resources on Chinese Medicine that will be useful to practitioners and students.  For example in the Compilation of Diseases, there is a sub-section on Cancer. The sub-section provides a listing of cancers. In the case of liver cancer, there are resources to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and care for liver cancer patients.