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Google Glass tours the Large Hadron Collider

“Needless to say, I’m the first person who has ever taught a science class from inside the LHC tunnel”

Physics teacher Andrew Vanden Heuvel gets invited by CERN to bring his Google Glass and visit the Large Hadron Collider, taking a tour around the whole loop and in the process conducting a science class. Read more about his CERN adventure in his blog post.

Colliding Particles

‘Colliding Particles’ is a series of films following just one of the teams of physicists involved in the research at the LHC. The project documents their work at the frontiers of particle physics, exploring the human stories behind the research and investigating the workings of the scientific process itself.

See the list of episodes here: http://www.collidingparticles.com/episodes.html


Image from Antimatter