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Performing calculations using metamaterials and light


The curve of the incoming wave’s profile is transformed into that curve’s derivative. (Illustration: Alexandre Silva)

A recent research team led by Professor Nader Engheta from the University of Pennsylvania has simulated how certain composite metamaterials can manipulate or modify light waves passing through to create derivatives of the light’s curve. However this is only still theoretical but it will prove interesting if anyone is able to construct such a device.

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Planar Photonics with Metasurfaces


Metamaterials, which are specially engineered materials that can allow us to control the behavior of physical fields, can be turned into metasurfaces, which are flat ultra-thin sheets of metamaterials.

Optical metasurfaces would allow for the unprecedented control of light and this would allow new technologies such as harnessing clouds of electrons in nanophotonic circuits to route optical beams, hyperlenses for better magnification, or more efficient solar cells and sensors.

Kildishev, Boltasseva and Shalaev from Purdue University got together to co-author a paper describing the current progress of developing optical metasurfaces, possible applications in the field, and the future direction of metasurfaces.

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‘Invisibility cloak’ unveiled at TED conference

Scientists at the Technology, Education and Design (TED) conference in Los Angeles have demonstrated what is being hailed as breakthrough in the bid to make the invisibility cloak become a reality.

Professor Zhang Baile demonstrated a fun experiment where a small box made of calcite optical crystal was used to bend light around an object, making anything placed behind the box appear invisible.

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