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Measuring a superconducting qubit by manipulating its environment

Matthew Francis of ArsTechnica talks about the difficulty of measuring quantum states with disturbing it, and a new method that has been developed to work around that difficulty:

A new paper describes how to use environmental measurements to gain information about a quantum system that would otherwise be unavailable. K. W. Murch, S. J. Weber, C. Macklin, and I. Siddiqi controlled a superconducting quantum system called a transmon by performing measurements on the cavity in which it resided. In that way, they were able to monitor the transition between quantum states in the transmon without directly interacting with it. This experiment demonstrates an effective way to get around decoherence in at least some systems, which could be significant for quantum computing.

You can read the original paper over at Nature.

Google and NASA team up to open quantum computing lab

Quantum computing now gets a bigger push from 2 giants, Google and NASA, together with a consortium of universities, to launch the Quantum Computing AI Lab. It will use the most advanced commercial quantum computer available now, the D-Wave Two.

MIT Technology Review talks more about how the D-Wave Two works and how the Quantum Computing AI Lab will utilize it.