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Communication Engineering refers to the development and operations of communications technology. It includes telecommunications, computer engineering, computer networks, signal processing and etc.

This subject room provides resources in the area of communication engineering and information engineering with regards to the teaching and research in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). Click on the headings below to visit the divisional websites. The two divisions in EEE that provides teaching and research in communication engineering are:

(a) Division of Communication Engineering

Research areas range from system modeling, performance analysis, system design to hardware implementation. Communication issues investigated are:

  1. Digital Communications
  2. Information Theory
  3. Signal Processing
  4. Speech Coding
  5. RF & Microwave Engineering
  6. Antenna Design
  7. Wireless Communications
  8. Communications Networks
  9. Error Control Coding
  10. Optical Communications
  11. Photonics
  12. Algorithms


(b) Division of Information Engineering

Teaches Computer Engineering and Signal & Media Processing. The Division’s main research activities include computing, computer architectures, system software, microprocessors, database systems, computer security, embedded systems, signals and systems, digital signal processing, audio/speech/image/video processing, multimedia systems, artificial intelligence, and pattern recognition.

Information sources in Communication Engineering and Information Engineering can be found in the Resources section of this subject room.

Major commercial publishers include Springer, Taylor and Francis, John Wiley, Elsevier, Morgan Kaufmann, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson Prentice‐Hall. Society publishers include the Institution of Electrical and Electrical Engineering (IEEE), Institution of Engineering Technology (IET), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and Audio Engineering Society (AES).

Topics/Course Guides

Searching for EEE Standards

You can search for print or e-copy for standards if they are available in library collection. Let’s try to search some of the EEE standards using these examples listed below: (1)    For print books, use the library catalogue: You can search by...

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Resource Guide on Real Time DSP

Introduction Digital signal processing (DSP) is a process where analog signal is digitised, modified and improved. DSP technology is widely used in the area of modems and wireless technology. It comes in many forms: speech signal processing, audio signal processing,...

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Selected Resources


Many books are secondary materials that readers will find useful in exploring and learning about a subject. They consolidate what is known and present them in a way that facilitate learning.

You can find books by either BROWSING the books on the library shelves (which are arranged in classified order) OR by SEARCHING the library catalogue to identify relevant titles and then locating them on the library shelves.

Browsing the collection

Books on Communication Engineering are mainly classed within Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) collection and located at Level 5 of Lee Wee Nam Library. They are mostly arranged with call number that beginning with TK. Major areas in communication, electrical and electronic engineering are classified under the following call numbers. Note that there are also some relevant books classed by different call number, e.g. Q…..

Search Terms LC Class
Signal processing TK5102.9
Coding theory TK5102.92-.98
Telecommunication TK5101-7877
Wireless communication systems TK5103.2-.4883
Digital communications TK5103.7-.78
Radar TK6573-6600
Antennas and waveguides TK7871.6
Microwave antennas, Microstrip antenna,
Microwave Devices

LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

LC Classification for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Download PDF.

Searching for books

You can find books on specific topics in Communication Engineering by searching the Library Catalogue under the appropriate fields. Use the library catalogue tips to get more information.

To retrieve book titles in the library catalogue, you can search by these fields: title, word(s) or subject, etc.

Use these library catalogue tips to get more out of the Library Catalogue.

Selected book lists by subject

Below are some selected subject terms on specific topics. Click on the subject term to see a list of books on the subject.

  1. Signal Processing
  2. Image processing
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Wireless Communication Systems
  5. Antennas
  6. Radar
  7. Computer Vision

Recommend book titles to the library

You can recommend book title to the library for purchase, more details can be found at the New Book Recommendation.

Staff can use Staff Link. Under Resource Request — Library Services — Book Recommendation.

Student can contact us.


An e-book refers to a book title that has been digitized although some books are born digital. The advantage of an e-book is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Browsing the collection

The major e-book providers in the field of Communication Engineering are listed below. They are organized alphabetically. Click on the titles to access the collection. You may be asked to login with your NTU network username and password.

  1. CRCnetBASE
    The collection is categorized into subject subsets. ENGnetbase provides engineering handbooks in the area of electrical engineering and telecommunications. InfoSECURITYnetbase provides access to information security publications in system analysis and server set-up, as well as cryptography, cyber-crime and other modern risks.
  2. Elsevier Books (via Science Direct)
    Books, book series and reference books published by Elsevier in the area of Physical Sciences and Engineering collection. Browse and search the collection, full content can be accessed if a green key icon is indicated.
  3. Eurographics Digital Library
    Includes publications on computer graphics (from 1980 onwards) and it also covers related fields such as multimedia, scientific visualization and human computer interfaces.
  4. Knovel
    Provides access to Electronics and Semiconductors, General Engineering and Engineering Management titles from various publishers and professional societies.
  5. MyiLibrary provides titles on fine arts, history, language and literature, law, medicine, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, technology, etc. Under Technology section, there are titles on electrical engineering, electronics, nuclear engineering and telecommunication.
  6. Referex
    Provides electronics & electrical engineering related titles and is accessible via Engineering Village.
  7. Safari Tech Books Online
    Provides access to IT-related books online from major IT publishers. Topics include Information Technology and Business e.g. Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, IT management Graphics, Hardware, etc.
  8. SpringerLink
    Provides access to e-books and e-book series in the subject areas of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Communication Networks, Software Engineering, Database Management, Data Encryption, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistics. Green box indicated that the full content is accessible.
  9. SpringerMaterials is based on the Landolt Börnstein New Series, which consists of the evaluated data collection in all areas of physical sciences and engineering. It also comprises the Dortmund Data Bank Software & Separation Technology, a Database on Thermophysical Properties and the Linus Pauling Files, a Database on Inorganic Solid Phases and chemical safety data.
  10. Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
    Provides access to engineering and computer science titles in the form of synthesized lectures. Each lecture focuses on a specific R&D topic and is synthesized by a prominent researcher in the field. The lectures provide useful introductions to new fields, current developments, and advanced topics. Some topic areas are computer vision, RF/Microwaves, tissue engineering, speech and audio processing, image video and multimedia processing, etc.
  11. Wiley-IEEE (via IEEE Xplore)
    Provides access to e-books in general engineering as well as electrical and electronics engineering through the IEEE Xplore database. Note: Up to 60 users can access IEEE Xplore at any one time.
  12. Wiley Online Library
    Provides subject-based collections: Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Physics and Astronomy and Polymers and Materials Science. NTU have subscribed to some of the e-book titles in four collections (Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences and Polymers and Materials Science). Take note for Wiley online book: If you cannot access the individual chapter (Full text in PDF) in a particular e-book title, it means that NTU Library did not subscribe to the particular title. Alternatively, you can search the title in Library Catalogue.

Searching for books

Looking for a specific e-book title?

You can look for specific e-book titles at the Library Catalogue. Follow the instructions at the E-books Page.

See this step-by-step instruction guide for finding e-books.

Reference Works

Reference books refers to books like dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, yearbooks, abstracts, almanacs, biographies and etc. These are usually not read from cover to cover.

You can find reference titles using the library catalogue by searching the relevant keyword terms before using the filter that appears on the left. Specify the MATERIAL TYPE as REFERENCE BOOK and click INCLUDE.

Reference - Telecommunication

Some reference titles are listed below:


  1. Comprehensive glossary of telecom abbreviations and acronyms
    Call No.: TK5102.A658
  2. The telecommunications fact book and illustrated dictionary
    Call No.: TK5102.K45 2006
  3. Wiley electrical and electronics engineering dictionary
    Call No.: TK9.K17
  4. IEC multilingual dictionary : electricity, electronics and telecommunications [CD-Rom]
    Call No: J307529 (Enquire at Lee Wee Nam Library Service Desk)
  5. Hargrave’s communications dictionary
    Call No.: TK5102.H279
  6. Dictionary of computing and communications
    Call No.: QA76.15.D554C
  7. Tech terms : what every telecommunications and digital media person should know
    Call No.: TK5102.R972
  8. Dictionary of video and television technology
    Call No.: TK6634.J12
  9. Comprehensive dictionary of electrical engineering, 2nd Edition
    Call No.: TK9.C737


  1. Encyclopedia of information communication technology
    Call No.: TK5102.E56E
  2. Encyclopedia of virtual communities and technologies
    Call No.: TK5105.83.E56
  3. Encyclopedia of information systems
    Call No.: T58.5.E56
  4. Encyclopedia of RF and microwave engineering [E-book]
    Call No.: XX(346665.2)
  5. Encyclopedia of electronic circuits on CD-ROM [CD-Rom]
    Call No.: TK7867.E56 (Enquire at Business Library Service Desk)


  1. Handbook of RF and microwave power amplifiers
    Call No.: TK7871.58.P6H236
  2. Handbook of image and video processing
    Call No.: TA1637.H236 2005
  3. The optical communications reference
    Call No.: TK5103.59.P62T
  4. Communications engineering desk reference
    Call No.: TK5101.C734M
  5. Mobile antenna systems handbook
    Call No.: TK6570.M6M687 2008
  6. Microstrip antenna design handbook
    Call No.: TK7871.6.M626A
  7. The handbook of formulas and tables for signal processing (e-book version available)
    Call No.: TK5102.9.P874
  8. The communications handbook
    Call No.: TK5101.C734H 2002
  9. Reference manual for telecommunications
    Call No.: TK5102.5.F855 2002

You can find journal articles, news, technical reports, conference papers and standards in these databases.

A list of core and related database are listed here. Click the database titles to open the databases. You may be asked to login with your NTU Network Username and password.

Core databases

  1. ACM Digital Library
    This database provides all computing literature (journals, proceedings, magazines and special interest groups, etc) published by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). There is also a review website to the computing literature.
    View the Information Page
  2. AES Electronic Library
    The AES Electronic library contains journal technical articles, convention preprints, and conference papers published by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) since its inception. Over 10,000 papers and articles are stored in PDF format. Full-text and field searching are permitted.
    View the Information Page.
  3. Computer Source via EBSCOhost
    This database offers full text for more than 300 publications, covering topics such as computer science, programming, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, information systems, robotics, and software.
    View the Information Page.
  4. IEEE Xplore
    Full-text access to IEEE & IET transactions, journals, magazines, & conference proceedings, and current IEEE standards. Browse by journal title, conference name; search by author, subject, journal, and affiliation.
    View the Information Page.
  5. Engineering Village
    This platform provides access to multiple databases for the latest applied science and engineering research developments. These are namely Compendex, Inspec and NTIS. It also offers access to CRCEngNetbase and Referex e-book package, and patents produced European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
    View the Information Page
  6. ITU-R Recommendations and reports
    ITU Radiocommunication contains all the recommended international technical and operating standards for radiocommunications, previously known as CCIR Recommendations. View the Information Page.
  7. ITU-T Recommendations
    The ITU-T Recommendations are the international standards developed by the Telecommunication Standardisation Sector (formerly CCITT) of the ITU. View theInformation Page.
  8. World Telecommunication Indicators Online
    The database contains time series data for around 80 key communications statistics covering telephone network size and dimension, mobile services, quality of service, traffic, staff, tariffs, revenue and investment. Selected demographic, macro-economic, broadcasting and information technology statistics, and data for over 200 economies are also included.
    View the Information Page.

Related databases

  1. IEC Collection
    The IEC collection, available through IHS Engineering Resource Center (ERC) via Specs & Standards, is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. IEC is a leading global organization preparing and publishing international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.
    View the Information Page.
  2. MIT Cognet
    This database has a collection of online publications in the areas of Cognitive Science, covering topics such as Computational Intelligence; Neuroscience; Psychology, Cognitive Science; Philosophy; Psychology; Linguistics, Language; etc.
    View the Information Page.
  3. ScienceDirect
    A electronic collections of e-books, book-series, and journals on sciece, technology, and medicine.
  4. Scopus
    A multidisciplinary database covering Engineering, Science, Economics and Social Sciences literature. It also provides access to citation analysis.
    View the Information Page.
  5. SPIE Digital Library
    Full text access to the journals and the proceedings of the International Society of Optical Engineering. Subjects include Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, & Micromachining, Electronic Imaging, Displays, & Medical Imaging, Lasers & Applications etc.
    View the Information Page.
  6. USPTO Patent database
    Free database containing full-text U.S. patents. Over 3,000,000 patents from 1976 to the present.
    View the Information Page.
  7. Web of Science
    Provides access to abstracts and citations drawn from leading professional science and social sciences journals. The database also offers access to articles’ cited references including government publications and patents.
    View the Information Page.

View the list of all the EEE databases.


A journal is an important communication medium for disseminating and sharing research findings. Usually, research ideas and findings are first shared at conferences before being published as journal articles in specific journals.

You can SEARCH or BROWSE for print and electronic journals in the Library Catalogue and NTU subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list respectively. Find out more about e-journals here.

1. NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list

If you know a specific journal and want to find the electronic copy in NTU Library, access NTU subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list.

OneSearch - E-Journals

How to read a journal record

The image below shows a journal titled “Wired”.

It can be found in the database known as Lexis Nexis Academic (highlighted in Yellow). You can also clearly see that the coverage period is from 2008 onwards. Click on the database to access this journal.

2. Databases

If you do not have a specific journal in mind, but want to find journal articles on a specific subject or topic, you should make use of relevant EEE databases. See Databases for more information.

3. Print Journals

The Library also have some print journals. Current issues are located at the current periodical shelves at Level 2, Lee Wee Nam Library, while the older issues are at Level 5.

Print journal titles are searchable in the Library Catalogue. Use the journal title name to search and limit the “format” to “journal, magazine” using the filter on the left. Click “Include” to narrow the search results. It is important to note that article title cannot be found in the Library Catalogue, search only by JOURNAL TITLE.

Filter - Journals

4. Freely Available E-journals

There are some online journals freely available:

1. Microwaves & RF [October 2002 onwards]

2. Wireless Sensor Network [Vol. 1, No. 1 (Apr 2009) onwards]

Journal Ranking

Sometimes it is useful to find out which journals are considered top among others in a particular field. The Library subscribes to a tool called Journal Citation Reports which ranks about 9,000 selected journals according to their impact factors. This factor measures the number of citations that an average article in the journal receives. You can use this tool to find the top journals in the field of electrical, electronics and telecommunications engineering.


The main Audio Visual (AV) collection is located at Level B2 in the Business Library.

Some of the AV titles related to communication engineering are listed below. Click on the titles to check availability in the Library.

  1. The history of the internet and its flexible future
  2. Circuit designs and technology for RF-CMOS -2000VHS
  3. Trends in RF devices and ICs for wireless applications -1997VHS
  4. The dilemma of broadband access -1996VHS
  5. Technologies for portable systems -1995VHS
  6. Fundamentals of wavelets and applications -1995VHS
  7. Mixed signal IC technologies and design -1994VHS
  8. High speed switching for broadband Communications -1993VHS
  9. Wireless communications
  10. Digital image and video compression coding -1991VHS

Audiovisual materials are searchable in the Library Catalogue. Here is a step-by-step instruction guide to search for AV titles in the library catalogue.

Web Resources

Some selected web resources on Communication and Electrical & Electronic Engineering are listed here. This list is not meant to be comprehensive but has been carefully selected by me.

Selection and evaluation of web resources are important as not all Internet resources out there are reliable and credible.

Content at a Glance

EEE Institutions and Societies
Online reference materials
Useful web sites
Search Engines

EEE Institutions and Societies

  1. International Telecommunication Union
    ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services.
  2. IEEE – Communication Society
    This is a community comprised of a diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies.
  3. Institution of Engineering and Technology
    IET is a leading professional society for the engineering and technology community. It provides a global knowledge network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote the positive role of science, engineering and technology in the world.
  4. Audio Engineering Society
    AES is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.
  5. International Society for Optical Engineering
    SPIE aims to provide world-class education and information services that enhance and promote the profession and field of optical engineering.
  6. National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
    NARTE is a professional organization which certifies qualified engineers and technicians in the fields of telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility/interference, and electrostatic discharge control.
  7. American Association for Artificial Intelligence
    AAAI aims to increase public understanding of artificial intelligence.
  8. Association of Computing Machinery
    ACM provides resources that advance computing as a science and a profession.

Online Reference Materials

  1. Academic Earth
    Provides instructional course and lecture videos from world’s leading scholars.
  2. ATIS Telecom Glossary
    Glossary of Telecommunication terms provided by Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions. It follows the American National Standard.
  3. Internet Public Library: Computers & Internet
    A directory of Internet sites on computer & internet topics.
  4. Telecommunications Trade Associations
    A directory listing telecommunications trade associations from the Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce.
  5. Open directory project – Science : Technology
    A directory of selected web contents maintained by a vast global community of volunteer editors.
  6. The WWW Virtual Library – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    A directory of academic and research institutions, blogs, information resources and products and services.
  7. Infomine
    A virtual library of internet resources compiled by US librarians.


    Provides the latest news in subjects such as Broadband, Telecoms Governance, ENUM, IPTV, VoIP and others.
  2. Telecommunications Industry News
    Publishes a variety of useful telecom-related news and information.
    Online resource for enterprise IT news, analysis, and commentary. Read technology and tech
    products news and reviews on computer, security, mobility, cloud, etc.
  4. Engadget
    An online magazine with daily coverage of what’s new in gadgets and consumer electronics.

Useful web sites

  1. All About Circuits
    A series of online books on electricity and electronics.
  2. Discover Circuits
    An online resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors, students & consultants containing a collection of 28,000+ electronic circuits or electronic schematics cross-referenced into 550+ categories plus an extensive electronics engineering resource/reference section.
  3. Circuits Archieve
    A circuits database for all electrical engineers from the College of Engineering at the University of Washington.
  4. EDA Board
    Explore active discussions on specialized areas of digital signal processing, microcontrollers, power electronics, hardware and pcb design and much more.

Search Engines

  1. Intute
    Free online service created by a consortium of seven UK universities, providing access to technology web resources.
  2. Scirus
    Comprehensive Scientific specific search engine on the Internet.
  3. Scitopia
    A free, federated search portal created by the collaboration of 21 leading science and technology societies.
  4. TechXtra
    A free service which can help you find articles, books, the best websites, the latest industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text e-prints, the latest research, thesis & dissertations in engineering, mathematics and computing.

Reserves / RBR titles / Red-spot books are recommended by school lecturers as textbooks or core readings for course modules.

Browsing the Reserves collection

You can browse the Reserve titles for Engineering and Science in the Reserves section located at Level 3 of the Lee Wee Nam Library. They can be borrowed for 2 hour each time. Use the self-service machines located within the Reserves section to borrow and return them to the Service Desk.

Searching for Reserves

You can also retrieve Reserves titles via their Course Codes from the Library Catalogue.

EPS - Reserves

Student Works

You can access undergraduate and postgraduate works in the digital repository called DR-NTU (Restricted access). They are Final Year Projects (FYPs), Industrial Attachment Reports (IA/PA/PI)and Theses. Log in using your NTU network username and password.

You can SEARCH the final year projects, Industrial Attachment Reports (IA/PA/PI) and Theses via keywords or BROWSE by Titles, Authors, Subjects or Date.

Staff Publications

Staff publications consist of journal articles, conference papers or research papers written by NTU faculty and researchers. They are available in the DR-NTU (Open access).

EEE Staff Papers

Access the EEE staff papers.

You can search by keywords or browse by Titles, Authors, Date or Subjects.

COMS_staff publication1

If you are a NTU faculty or researcher and would like your publications to be indexed by major search engines so that they can be found and used by a wider audience, you can submit them to DR-NTU.

Before you submit your article, please refer to the frequently asked questions for the procedures and checking whether your publisher has allow self-archiving. When you are ready to submit, please refer to the procedures.

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