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Many historical events or decisions made after 1949 have shaped China to what she is today. In fact, diverse changes are still being made in China today, affecting the politics, economy, society and even foreign relations.

With a population of over 1.3 billion and tremendous GDP growth at an 8% to 10% pace for over a decade, today’s China is different from the past and is continuing to develop and change relentlessly. Today’s China not only has rich culture and history, but also successful economic policies and diplomatic strategies to attract the world’s attention.

Contemporary China is a lively account of China today and focuses on the Chinese life after 1949 (although some said 1979). It includes the aspect of the economy and business, politics and international relations, and society and culture. Although contemporary China is a subject with a broad scope, it is essential in helping the understanding of today’s China, which has been rising fast to become a major world influence.

Graduate programme

View the Master of Arts programme and the course descriptions in NTU for more information about the NTU Master of Arts in Contemporary China Studies.

Topics/Course Guides

Resource guide on Sino-Russian relations 中俄关系

Books Rapprochement or Rivalry? Russia-China Relations in Changing Asia Editor: Garnett, Sherman W. Publisher: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Call number: DK68.7.C6R221 The bear watches the dragon : Russia’s perceptions of China and the evolution of...

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China soft power 中国软实力

Content at a Glance Selected Books Conference Reports Selected Papers Journal of Contemporary China [E-journal] Selected Books Soft power: China’s emerging strategy in international politics Edited by: Li, Mingjiang Publisher: Lexington Books Call No: JZ1734.A5S681...

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Contemporary China Book List

Content at a glance Origins of the Revolution Communist party History Overview Texts Interpretive Texts Fraction, Succession Reforms Cultural Revolution Biographies of Leaders Ideology & Identity Intellectuals Law & Social Control Education, Youths & Sports...

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Modern Era history: 1911-present

This book list consists of selected book titles covering the Modern Era: 1911 to present. The book title is linked to its catalogue record with call numbers, or electronic edition (if under our e-book subscription). Titles without links are not in our collections....

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Selected Resources


Books are useful as they usually provide detailed information and exposition about a topic. They also consolidate previous knowledge about a topic to help the reader understand the topic better.


Browse the collection by classification number

Most of the Chinese collection is located in the Chinese Library and the Wang Gungwu Library while some are housed in the HSS Library. The books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Number System (LCCS). You may use the call numbers as a guide to locate books on the shelves. For example, you can browse under the shelves labelled DS741 to DS779.39 when looking for the Chinese History collection.

Classification Numbers for Chinese History Studies Collection

Download PDF.

Searching for books

Wondering how to search for chinese books using the Library Catalogue? View the step-by-step guide to learn more.

Subject Headings for Contemporary China Studies Collection

You can use the subject headings, listed below, as keywords to do a catalogue search.

Download PDF.

To help you get started, a book list on Chinese history, the Modern Era: 1911 to present has been compiled. The books are arranged in chronological order and starts with English titles followed by Chinese titles. Here is an extensive book list organized according to the various aspects of Contemporary China.


An e-book, (short for electronic book), as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of English, is “an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose”.

The Library has more than 140,000 e-books, of which 100,000 are Chinese titles. Please note that the Chinese e-books are not catalogued in our Library catalogue but are listed separately in the 2 vendors’ websites: Apabi and SuperStar. You need to install Apabi reader or Superstar reader (only once) before reading the content of the e-books.

China Digital Library – 中华数字书苑

A Chinese E-book database with a subscription of 6,413 titles under these major categories:

  1. Politics of China (1743 titles)
  2. Economics (1747 titles)
  3. Literature (1807 titles)

To browse the titles under each category, you can click the “+” or “-“ to expand or contract the tree category on the left side. You can also do a quick search by ‘title’, ‘author’, ‘keyword(s)’ or ‘publisher’ at the top right side.

Superstar- 超星数字图书馆

由北京超星信息技术发展有限公司开发,内含33万册以上中国大陆出版的中文图书,是中国最早的中文电子书数字图书馆。目前我们图书馆购买了共99,565种,分属以下类目:中国哲学图书馆, 语言、文字图书馆, 文学图书馆,以及历史、地理图书馆。
注意:如果要在线阅读所定购的电子书籍,请先下载和安装 Superstar Reader.

Looking for Chinese user guides? View the 超星、阿帕比数据库的使用方法 for more details.

Reference Works

This section contains a list of useful references, including dictionaries, encyclopedia, yearbook and reviews. Click on the titles to check availability in the Library. Books with [e-book] symbol indicates that the electronic versions are available. Reference materials are usually only available for short period loan.

Content at a glance

Dictionaries 字典
Encyclopedia 百科全书
Biographic Dictionary 传记
Chronologies/Yearbook 年表、历表
Gazetteers 地名辞典,地名表
Maps and Atlases 地图和地图集
Bibliographies, Reviews and Indexes 书目、综述、索引


  1. Dictionary of Chinese history
    Call No.: DS733.D579
  2. A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms (23-220 AD)
    Call No.: DS748.15.D278
  3. China: a historical and cultural dictionary
    Call No.: DS733.C539
  4. Historical dictionary of the People’s Republic of China
    Call No.: DS777.55.S949
  5. The People’s Republic of China: a basic handbook
    Call No.: DS777.55.G624
  6. Historical dictionary of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
    Call No.: DS778.7.G977
  7. Historical dictionary of Taiwan (Republic of China)
    Call No.: DS798.96.C785
  8. 中国历史小词典
    Call No.: DS733.Z63
  9. 二十四史掌故词典
    Call No.: DS733.E65E
  10. 中國史地詞典
    Call No.: DS733.L848
  11. 中国近代史词典
    Call No.: DS757.5.Z63G
  12. 中华民国史大辞典
    Call No.: DS774.Z63A
  13. 民国史大辞典
    Call No.: DS774.M663
  14. 中国革命史人物词典
    Call No.: DS755.3.Z63


  1. Brill’s encyclopedia of China
    Call No.: DS755.B857
  2. China today: an encyclopedia of life in the People’s Republic
    Call No.: DS777.6.C539C
  3. Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture
    Call No.: DS779.23.E56
  4. The encyclopedia of the Chinese overseas
    Call No.: DS732.E56 2006
  5. Modern China : an encyclopedia of history, culture, and nationalism
    Call No.: JC311.M689
  6. 中国大百科全书
    Call No.: AE17.Z63 V.56
  7. 中国历史百科全书
    Call No.: AE17.Z63

Directories 手册/指南

  1. Directory of officials and organizations in China
    Call No.: JQ1501.L218

Biographic Dictionary

  1. Biographic dictionary of Chinese communism, 1921-1965
    Call No.: DS778.K64
  2. Biographical dictionary of Chinese women: the twentieth century, 1912-2000
    Call No. : HQ1767.5.B615B
  3. 民國人物小傳
    Call No.: DS776.M664
  4. 中国近现代人物名号大辞典
    Call No.: DS734.C518Z
  5. 中华人民共和国主要事件人物
    Call No.: DS777.55.Z63
  6. 中共人名录
    Call No.: DS778.Z63G
  7. 中共人名典
    Call No.: DS778.Z63M
  8. 中国人名大词典: 现任党政军领导人物卷
    Call No.: DS778.Z63


  1. 兩千年中西曆對照表 = A Sino-western calendar for two thousand years, 1-2000 A. D.
    Call No.: CE37.X8
  2. People’s Republic of China year-book
    Call No.: DS706.P419
  3. 中外歷史年表: 公元前4500年-公元1918年
    Call No.: DS733.J61
  4. 中国文史简表汇编
    Call No.: DS733.W415
  5. 中囯近现代史大事记: 1840-1980
    Call No.: DS757.5.Z63J
  6. 中國歷代年號考
    Call No.: DS733.L693Z
  7. 中华历代世系表
    Call No.: DS733.Z63H
  8. 中国大事年表
    Call No.: DS733.Z63S
  9. 中国历史纪年表
    Call No.: DS733.Z63H
  10. 中國歷史紀年表
    Call No.: DS733.W244
  11. 二十世紀中國大事年表
    Call No.: DS733.F211S V3

Gazetteers 地名辞典,地名表

  1. 中国古今地名大词典
    Call No.: DS705.Z63J
  2. 西域地名考录
    Call No.: DS793.S62Z63Y

Maps and Atlases 地图和地图集

  1. 中國近代史稿地图集, 1840-1919
    Call No.: G2306.S1Z63J
  2. 中國歷史地圖集
    Call No.: DS706.5.C518
  3. 測量臺灣:日治時期繪製臺灣相關地圖, 1895-1945
    Call No.: G2340.W415

Bibliographies, Reviews and Indexes 书目、综述、索引

  1. 中國近二十年文史哲論文: 分類索引
    Call No.: Z3106.Z63J
  2. 五胡十六国论著索引
    Call No.: DS748.45.W959
  3. 國學論文索引
    Call No.: Z3106.G977G
  4. 中国近代史论文资料索引, 1949-1979
    Call No.: Z3108.A4X8
  5. 近代史硏究, 近代史資料, 國外中國近代史硏究目錄
    Call No.: DS774.J61Y
  6. 八十年来史学书目, 1900-1980
    Call No.: Z3106.B111
  7. 中國現代史資料調查目錄總目
    Call No.: Z3108.A5Z63
  8. 《中国文化大革命文库》目录索引
    Call No.: DS778.7.Z63G
  9. 国外研究中国问题书目索引 : 1977-1978
    Call No.: Z3106.G977
  10. 文史工具书手册
    Call No.: DS733.Z63WS
  11. 史学文献检索
    Call No.: Z3106.M544
  12. 中國叢書綜錄
    Call No.: Z1033.S5S528
  13. 中国索引綜录
    Call No.: Z6293.Z63
  14. 國會圖書館藏中國方志目錄
    Call No.: Z3109.L697
  15. 中國方志叢書目錄. 第1期
    Call No.: Z3109.Z63

Searching for reference works

The Library Catalogue allows the search for other types of reference works. The step by step guide can be found in the IFAQ.


A database is an electronic collection of information that can be accessed and searched through the Internet or CD-ROM. It may contain citations and abstract or even full-text articles on only subject-based or multidisciplinary data. The list below shows a few core Chinese databases on Chinese Studies. A list of relevant English databases is also included.

1. CNKI 中国知网

CNKI is a major academic resource from mainland China. View its Database information page. Our subscription consists of:

  1. Academic articles on Literature/History/Philosophy (1994 – present), Politics/Military/Law (1994 – present), Education/Social Sciences (1994 – present) and Electronic Technology & Information Science (2003–2008)
  2. China Doctor/Master’s Dissertation on Literature/History/Philosophy (2003-2006) and Politics/Military/Law (2003-2006)

Click on the links below for more information on CKNI.
List of CNKI’s Core Journals
中文使用指南 (User Guide in Chinese)
中国知网数据导出方法 (Guide on how to export CNKI records into EndNote)


Another academic articles resource on: Philosophy/Politics/Law, Social Sciences, Economics/Finance and Health/Medicine with full-text available from 1997 onwards. View its Database information page.

Click on the links below for more information on WANFANG DATA.
List of WANFANG’s Core Journals

3. WiseSearch 慧科讯业

Wiser is a Chinese news provider from Hong Kong that covers 742 main Chinese newspapers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other Asia Pacific countries. View its Database information page for more information.

Click on the link below for more information on Wiser.
慧讯科业检索方法 (User Guide for Wise Search)

Resources on Standalone PCs

The following list of databases are only available for viewing in Standalone PCs in the Chinese Library. Approach the Service desk for assistance.

1. WIND Financial Terminal (Wind资讯金融终端 [WFT])

Wind 资讯金融终端提供中国金融市场数据和信息,7×24×365不间断。内容覆盖了: 股票 (上海证券交易所、深圳证券交易所、香港交易所、台湾证券交易所、新加坡交易所、LSE、NYSE、NASDAQ、AMEX等所有上市股票以及海外上市中资股超过20000只股票的实时行情)

  • 债券 (银行间债券市场、上海证券交易所、深圳证券交易所等所有交易债券,超过1200个债券的行情报价)
  • 基金 (含开放式基金、封闭式基金、ETF、LOF、QDII等在内超过700多只中国公募基金的行情及净值,超过1200只私募基金的净值资料)
  • 指数 (提供中国及全球市场相关指数超过10000个,涵盖各交易所指数、万得指数、S&P指数、MSCI指数、FTSE指数、中信指数、申万指数、新华巴克莱指数、中债指数等)
  • 权证
  • 商品期货 (提供全球商品市场行情,涵盖基本金属、农产品、能源、贵金属等众多品种)
  • 外汇 (全球重要汇率品种的实时行情及历史走势)
  • 宏观行业
  • 新闻与研究报告,等


  1. Excel数据链接 [Excel Add-in](方便用户建立各种灵活的分析模板)
  2. 财务预测与估值系统 [Evaluator] (自动完成目标公司未来若干年资产负债表(BS)、利润表(IS)和现金流量表(CS)的计算,并对预测报表做财务分析和合理性检验)
  3. 经济数据库系统 [EDB] (协助掌握中国宏观经济、行业经济、全球宏观经济的走向与变化)
  4. 高频行情数据终端(TAQEXP)(涵盖国内沪深交易所,三大期货交易所以及中金所等Level1以及Level2日内高频数据)

Economic Data (经济数据终端 [EDB] ) 另外,通过Wind资讯金融终端,也可以使用中英双语版的 经济数据终端 [EDB]。经济数据终端 整合了海量的宏观和行业数据,并附有强大的指标计算和图形功能。

  1. 中国宏观数据(包括国民经济核算、工业、价格指数、对外贸易及投资、固定资产投资、国内贸易、银行与货币、利率汇率、证券市场、财政、就业与工资、景气调查、人民生活、人口与资源等14大类数据)
  2. 行业经济数据(包括农林牧渔、能源、食品饮料、纺织服装、石油化工、造纸印刷、电子电器、钢铁、有色金属、建材家具、机械设备、汽车、医药生物、公用事业、交通运输、IT通信、文教体娱及工艺品、旅游酒店、房地产及建筑业、金融保险业等20多个大类行业数千个细分行业的价格、产量、进出口量、财务指标等数据)
  3. 全球宏观数据(美国、日本、欧盟最及时、最重要的月度经济数据,以及全球其他各国及地区重要的年度经济数据)
  4. 数据实时更新
  5. 指标计算
  6. 双轴多图
  7. 云数据管理

2. China Newspaper Archives

  1. 复印报刊资料目录资料光盘. 目录索引 1978 – 2008 《复印报刊资料》目录索引数据库是题录型数据库。它是将《复印报刊资料》系列刊每年所刊登文章的目录按专题和学科体系分类编排而成。每条数据包含多项信息,包括:专题代号、类目、篇名、著者、原载报刊名称及刊期,选印在《复印报刊资料》上的刊期和页次等。
  2. 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘. 妇女研究 1980 – 2000 《妇女研究》光盘收录了中国人民大学书报资料中心自1980-2000年精心选编的《复印报刊资料》系列中《妇女研究》专题的内容。以全文形式收集了国内外有关妇女问题研究,妇女运动的方针政策,妇女组织与活动,妇女运动史等方面的资料。
  3. 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘.中国近代史 1978 – 2000 该光盘的数据年限为1978年至2000年。内容为《复印报刊资料》系列刊中《中国近代史》专题刊收集的中国1840-1919年的历史研究资料,某些跨时代的历史人物等的珍贵文献资料。
  4. 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘.中国现代史 1978 – 2000 该光盘的数据年限为1978年至2000年。内容为《复印报刊资料》系列刊中《中国现代史》专题刊收集的中国1919年以来有关中国共产党党史、革命史、军事史与重大事件的历史研究资料。 如何使用:这些数据库安装在中文图书馆的普通电脑上(common PCs)上。如果需要使用,你需亲自来中文馆,在任何一台普通电脑上登录后,只须打开电脑桌面上的相关链接即可。

3. People’s Daily on CD-ROM 人民日報光盘版


4. Reproduced Full-text Articles of Journals and Newspapers on CD-ROM 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘


  • 复印报刊资料目录资料光盘.目录索引 1978 – 2008
  • 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘.妇女研究 1980 – 2000
  • 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘.中国近代史 1978 – 2000
  • 复印报刊资料全文资料光盘.中国现代史 1978 – 2000

Access the full list of Chinese Studies Databases.

Other Relevant Databases

  1. Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1980 to present)
  2. Bibliography of Asian Studies (1971 to present)
  3. JSTOR
  4. LexisNexis Academic
  5. – News and business information
  6. Academic Search Premier via EBSCOhost (1975 – present, full text)

An academic journal allows you to learn the latest information and development regarding a subject or a topic. The library has both print and electronic journals.

There are a few ways to search for a journal. Location of print journal titles can be found in the Library Catalogue. Articles titles are not searchable in the library catalogue. You can only search for the journal titles.

You can find and access electronic journals at Subscribed E-journals: A-to-Z List.

Major Printed Journals on Chinese History

I have compiled a list of major printed journal titles on Modern Chinese history located in the Chinese Library.

  1. 清史研究 中国人民大学书报 资料中心复印报刊资料
    Call No. DS753.82.Q1
  2. 明清史中国人民大学书报 资料中心复印报刊资料
    Call No. DS753.M664
  3. 近代史研究 中国社会科学出版社, 1979-
    Call No. DS755.J61DS
  4. 中国史研究 中国社会科学院 历史研究所. 《中国史研究》编辑部.
    Call No. DS701.Z63J
  5. 中国近代史 中国人民大学书报资料中心, 1978-
    Call No. DS753.82.Z63J
  6. 中国现代史 中国人民大学书报资料中心, 1978-
    Call No. DS753.82.Z63
  7. 中央硏究院近代史硏究所集刊 (台湾)中央硏究院近代史硏究所, 1969-
    Call No. DS755.Z63JS
  8. 文史杂志 文史杂志编辑部
    Call No. PL2250.W467
  9. 史学史硏究 北京师范大学 史学硏究所. 北京师范大学出版社
    Call No. DS734.7.S555X

E-journals on Chinese Studies

Below is step-by-step instructions on how to use the A-to-Z list:

1. Select E-Journals from the Library Homepage

2. Select Titles A to Z

3. Type in the journal title if you know the exact journal title in the quick search box, or type in the keywords if you are unsure of the journal title

4. You can also search the journals by subject: Click the “Subjects” tag and select “History (general) and history of Europe” from the drop-down-list


5. In the list retrieved, choose “History of Asia / China”

6. This narrows the list down to journals on Chinese History

7. Each title has details on the journal title, databases where it is located, ISSN, publisher and subject. Click on the hyperlinks provided below to access the journals


Key e-journals for History of China:

  1. China: An International Journal
  2. The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs (1979-1995, Nos. 1-33)
  3. China Journal (1995-2005, Nos. 34-54)
  4. China Information
  5. China Quarterly
  6. Chinese Studies in History: 2001 – Present
    Back issues (1969-1975 and 1986) available in Print in the library catalogue.
  7. China Report
  8. Harvard China Review
  9. Journal of contemporary China
  10. Ancient China Timeline
  11. Late Imperial
  12. Modern China
  13. Chinese Studies in History
  14. American Asia Review
  15. Journal of Asian Studies
  16. Foreign policy

Free and Open Access Journals on Chinese History

  1. Journal of Asian Studies
  2. 《历史研究》

The Audio Visual collection consists of video cassettes, audio cassettes, LDs, VCDs, DVDs, audio CDs, music CDs, tapes, slides as well as maps and films.


Selected list of AV materials

Click on the titles to check availability in the Library.

  1. From Yao to Mao: 5000 years of Chinese history [videorecording]
    Teaching Company: 2004
    Call No. DS734.95.H226
  2. China: a century of revolution [videorecording]
    WinStar TV & Video : 2001, 1997
    Call No. DS774.7.C539
  3. 百年中囯 [videorecording]
    中囯囯际电视总公司: 2000
    Call No. DS774.7.B152
  4. China inside out: Bob Woodruff reports [videorecording]
    ABC New Productions: 2009
    Call No.: JZ1734.C539B

Searching for audio-visual materials on Chinese History

All audio-visual (AV) titles can be searched using the Library Catalogue.

Here is a step-by-step instruction guide.

For example, to narrow the search to history of China, select SUBJECT and enter the search term “China History”.

  1. Go to Library Catalogue, click “Advanced Search” tag.
  2. Type in “China history” and choose “subject “ from the drop-down-list
  3. Set format to “Audio-Visuals” from the format drop-down-list (see Fig. 1)China_History_howtoFig.1 shows how to search for China history by subject, and limit format to Audio Visuals.
  4. Click “Search” button, the result list will be displayed.
  5. Note the library location and call number, retrieve the AV from the respective library.
  6. To narrow down your search, you may also limit the type to “DVD” or “VCD” from the drop-down-list. (see Fig. 2).

    Fig.2 shows how to search China history by subject, limit format to Audio Visuals, and limit type to DVD.

Web Resources

Selected list on web resources on Contemporary China. I have organized the list according to topics and further by whether the site is in Chinese or English.


Reserves, also known as Reserved Book Room (RBR) books or Red-spot books, consist of recommended texts, references and articles for various courses.

All Chinese reserves are kept in the Chinese Library Reserves while some English reserves are in the HSS Library. Reserves can only be borrowed for 2 hours. Do return them on time as the overdue fine is 50 cents per hour or part thereof.

View the details on your loans and privileges.

A tip for you to hold a reserves title longer:
You can borrow a reserves title overnight if you borrow it at or after 7 pm on weekdays, and 10 am on Saturdays. They have to be returned by 11 am the next working day.


How to locate Reserves (via Course Codes)?

Please check the Library Catalogue as follows:



1. Go to Library Catalogue and click on the Reserves tab.

2. Type in your course code. Example: HC210

3. Choose “Search by Course ID” tag, the lecturer’s name will be shown.

4. Click the lecturer’s name and the list of recommended titles for the course will be displayed

5. Note the library location and call number

6. Retrieve the book from the Reserves collection in the respective library

Student Works

Digital Repository (DR – NTU Restricted Access) contains student works such as Final Year Project (FYP), theses, internship or attachment reports. To access, log in using NTU network user name and password to view the full text.

View the Collection Page of the Contemporary China Studies theses. You can choose to enter your search terms and click Go or browse by author, title, subject and date.

Alternatively, you may access the theses related to Contemporary China studies.

Staff Publications

The Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Open Access) contains publications from NTU consisting of journal articles and conference papers. The papers deposited are indexed and are searchable by Google.

HSS Staff papers

We encourage our research officials to upload their research papers to DR-NTU (Open Access). Do refer to the copyright policies and archiving guidelines from Sherpa Romeo for submitting articles in DR-NTU.

If you would like to submit your journal article or conference paper for inclusion in our Library Collection, please read the instruction about submission or you may contact me.

Browse through the current submissions to the DR-NTU for Contemporary China Studies.

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