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Topic/Course Guides

This guide contains a list of resources to obtain energy consumption and investment data and information.

Guide on resources to find trade related data.

A Guide on a list of indicators that can be used to determine the extend of corruption in a country.

This guide was created to support the course HW0221 – Essay Writing : Crafting an Argument.

This guide gives you a brief introduction to the wealth of R resources that will help kick-start your R learning journey for various purposes like data analysis and visualizations.

This guide was created to support the course Development Economics (HE2010) in AY 2015/16 Semester 2 taught by Asst Prof Margaret Maggie Triyana.

This guide was created to support the course HW0201 – Research Writing for Social Sciences.

This guide is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. It provides some commonly used citation examples to help you apply in your assignments.

This guide aims to share with you some of the tools that will assist you in determining your research impact using non-traditional alternative metrics.

This guide was created to support the course Health Economics (HE3004) for AY 2015/16 Semester 1 taught by Asst Prof Margaret Maggie Triyana.

This guide provides some of the tips and tools to help you with your Academic Writing.

This guide serves as a starting point in finding resources for your study and research in the field of Economics. We also include some useful library tools that will help you to find resources efficiently.

A Guide on how to find your H-index.

A Guide on how you can extract numbers and text from a PDF using a tool – Tabula.

A Guide on how to find and download EIU City data.

This guide will show you some tools that will help you to check the citation for your research output.

A Guide on how to find and download data from CEIC.

A Guide to sources of country and financial time series data.

This is a selected list of library resources on Singapore Economy.


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Selected Resources

Expand tab to see list of resources pertaining to Economics.

Books are useful when you need an overview of a certain topic or in-depth information from a variety of perspectives.

Browsing the Collection

The main Economics book collection is located in the Business Library at Level B1 and B3. The books are arranged according to call numbers. A call number is a group of numbers and letters located at the bottom of a book’s spine. Books with similar content will share similar call numbers. Most books related to Economics usually have call numbers beginning with H. Do note that books on Economics can also be found in other libraries. The core subject areas in Economics and their call number ranges are shown in the table below.

Subjects Class numbers
Asia Economy HC411-470
Behavioral economics HB74.P8
Business cycles. Economic fluctuations HB3711-3729
China economy. Chinese economic reform. HC426-430
Commerce HF1014-5482
Development economics HD72-100
Econometrics and economic statistics. Applied econometrics HB75-HB130
Economic forecasting, stabilization HB3730-3740
Environmental economics HC79.E5
Game theory HB144 / QA269-272
Gross National Product and National Income HC79 /HB601
Health economics RA410
History of Economics thoughts HB75-HB130
Industrial organization (Economic theory) HD2326
International finance HG3881
Labor economics. Collective agreements. HD5713
Macroeconometric modeling HB141
Macroeconomics HB172
Management economics HD30
Mathematical, quantitative methods. Economic modeling HB135
Microeconomics. Applied Microeconomics. HB172.5
Population HB1951-2580
Public Finance/Economics HJ2005-8899
Singapore economy HC445.8
Urban economics HT 321-329
Welfare/Poverty HB99.3-846

Searching for books

For titles on a specific subject category, you can search in our Library Catalogue by using appropriate subject terms in the SUBJECT field. OPAC_Enterprise_SubjectSearch

Too many or too few search results?

Please refer to our catalogue tips to improve your search results.

Selected Book Lists

Listed below are book lists that you may be interested in. Click the titles for a quick scan of the Economics book collection in the NTU library.

  1. Macroeconomics
  2. Microeconomics
  3. International finance
  4. Behavioral economics
  5. Environmental economics
  6. Game theory
  7. Labor economics
  8. Public Economics
  9. China economy
  10. Singapore economy

Our library don’t have a particular book? Recommend it!

For Students: email to with as much details about the item as possible – Title, Author/editor, Place of publication, Publisher or producer, Date of publication, ISBN, Edition and Price. For Staff: use Staff Link. Under Resource Request — Library Services — Book Recommendation. Do refer to New Title Recommendation for more details.


E-book refers to an electronic version of a printed book although many current books are written digitally first. You can read them on your computer or an e-book reader at your own convenience.

Browsing the collection

The NTU Library has subscription to a wide range of e-books. You can browse them through their collections and click on the titles for access. You may be asked to login with your NTU network username and password. You can also find ebooks using the library’s OneSearch and thecatalogue. The record title for an eBook will indicate “[electronic resource]” with location showing either at “Online (Click URL above to access)” or “Virtual Library”.

CRCNETBASE This collection provides around 800 titles on Economics and allows access to the entire book. It also comes with printing feature although we are not allowed to print more than 10% or 1 chapter of the book. The collection is categorized into 12 subsets including ‘Macroeconomics’, ‘Microeconomics’, and ‘History of Economic Thought’ and etc. Click here for a selected list of texts. You can download, print or view chapter by chapter. Right click on the PDF image and select “Save as PDF” to save by chapter.
EBL Books This is multi-disciplinary e-book library which provides access ebooks in arts, business, humanities, social sciences to engineering and medicine. EBL Books provides the option for Library to make titles available as and when it is required. Thus please do not hesitate to request for loan and let the library knows if you feel that we should purchase the title. The library will get back to you within 1 working day to provide you with the link to access the book.

  • Reading or Downloading You can either read the book online for 5 minutes by selecting “Read online (Browse)” on the right pane or have it for 7 days be selecting “Request Loan”. You will not be able to print or download the book when you are reading it online. Adobe® Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher is required for offline viewing (Request Loan). For viewing via Apple or Android Devices, please download bluefire reader.The download option is visible only after you have requested the loan or if the book is available. You need to view the book first before you can download.
  • Printing or Saving You will need to “Request Loan” to download or print the book. A pop-up window “Request this Book” will appeared when you select “Request Loan”. Fill in the necessary information and state your Loan Period (1 day or 7 days). Our librarian will get in touch with you shortly to approve your loan. Price indicated for the loan of the book will be bore by the library.Up to 20% of a title can be printed or saved per user. Only 5% of the book can be copied and pasted. Do note that the more times you downloaded the same ebook, the more restrictive it will be. (e.g. you may only print up to 10% and copy 2.5% of the same book when you download it for the second time.)
Ebrary This is multi-disciplinary e-book library with predominantly academic books including case studies with some more popular non-fiction relating to film and cinema.

  • Reading or Downloading You can view a title online by clicking on the title or read it using a ebrary reader. The ebrary reader allows for your annotations, highlighting, bookmarking to be retained. You will need to register an Ebrary account to use the Ebrary function and to download parts of the ebook. It also allows for text to voice. If you have problem installing the plugins, read the ebrary reader installation guide.Please note that the library subscription only allows for download of “Standard image-PDF format” up to the stated maximum pages and NOT the special format.
  • Printing or Saving You can print up to a maximum 16 pages or a current chapter for a title.
  • Access Ebrary’s quick guide or video for step-by-step guide on how to view, download, copy and print a Ebrary’s book. For FAQs, refer to Ebrary’s support centre.
EBSCO Ebooks This is a multi-disciplinary e-book library which provides access to the full text of reference, scholarly, and professional electronic books.

  • Reading or Downloading You can either view the eBook online or download it by clicking on “Download (offline)” link. If you are using a Mac, you will need to install a PDF Browser plug-in in order to use the eBook Viewer. For download, please select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu and click the Checkout & Download button. You can only borrow up to a maximum of 7 days. You will need to register for an EBSCO account. Adobe® Digital Editions 1.7.1or higher is required for offline viewing. For viewing via Apple or Android Devices, please download bluefire reader. See video on how to access via ipad.
  • Printing or Saving Please note that you can only print or save up to 60 pages of a book. Click here for more details on how to print or save an ebook.
  • Go to EBSCO Support Centre to find out more about accessing EBSCO Ebooks.
My iLibrary This is a multi-disciplinary e-book library containing titles from major academic publishers like Encyclopaedia Britannica, Taylor & Francis, McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Springer and Elsevier.

  • Reading or Downloading You can read a title either online or download. To download, add notes or saved searches, you will need to register for a myilibrary account. The default loan period for myilibray book is 3 days. You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on to your computer and create an Adobe ID to view the downloaded book. Adobe Digital Editions allows the publisher to trace the loan period and upon expiry of the loan, you won’t be able to open the file and will need to re-download the book again. For viewing via Apple or Android Devices, please download bluefire reader. If you have difficulty downloading the book, please check your browser’s security. If you are using Internet Explorer, please use the following path to locate this particular setting: Tools > Internet Options > Security. Once on the ‘Security’ page, highlight the ‘Internet’ zone and select ‘Custom level’. Scroll down to the ‘Downloads’ section and Enable the ‘File download’ option. You may have to restart your Internet browser so that these changes take effect.
  • Printing or Saving You may only save or print a maximum of 10 pages per use.
  • Go to myilibrary help page to find out more about accessing, downloading of their ebooks.
Oxford Scholarship is a collection of full text and abstracts of published books by Oxford University Press. It covers a wide range of subjects in humanities and social sciences, science, medicine and law including economics and finance.

  • Reading or Downloading You can read a title either online or download by chapter. Click “View PDF” to download a chapter.
  • Printing or Saving You can print the viewing page by clicking the print icon above the title record. If you wish to save or print a chapter, please click “View PDF” to download the chapter first. ebooks_oxford1
Springer This collection allows for the browsing or searching of the various publications including e-books or e-book series. You can create an individual login account to save your preferences such as your favourite publications and keyword alerts and etc. You can download or print chapter by chapter or article by article.
Taylor & Francis collection covers humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences, built environment, STM and law content from imprints such as Routledge, Psychology Press and Focal Press.

  • Reading or Downloading You can read a title either online or download. An online access will allow you 120 minutes per book while a offline access upon downloading will allows you to have the book for 36 hours. You will need to install this plug-in to access or view the book. If this link does not automatically load on your machine, you can also visit FileOpen website directly.
  • Printing or Saving You may only save or print a maximum of 30 pages per use or copy/paste 1,000 words per use
  • Go to Taylor & Francis help page to find out more about accessing, downloading of their ebooks.

Searching for books

Search for specific e-book titles in the Library Catalogue. Follow the instructions at the E-books Page. Alternatively, a step-by-step instruction guide is also available in the FAQs.

Free Sources

Other than the NTU Library’s E-Books collections, there are also other E-Books on the internet available for free.

Penn Libraries (University of Pennsylvania) had a good collation of free resources of E-Booksin different subject matters. Below are some of the more commonly known ones and also resources specifically for Economics.

  1. Google BooksGoogle together with her partners started this book digitisation project back in December 2004. As of 2013, Google had scanned more than 30 million books and magazines and make them available freely via Google Books. Please note that not all titles found via Google books search are available for download or can be view in its entirety. Only titles in public domain or not copyrighted are freely available. Other titles have previews or snippets available. Use Google Books’ Advanced Search feature to search for titles that allow for download or with full view. Under “Search”, select “Full View Only” or “Google eBooks only“. a. Full View A book available in “Full View” allows for free online viewing. Click on the Link icon to get the unique url to the book.Googlebook1 b. Google eBooks only A book available in “Google eBooks” is available for download. Click on the Tools icon to download the book in ePub or PDF format. googlebook2 c. You can also promote your own book on Google books by following these steps. 2. HaithiTrust Digital Library 3. Project Gutenberg 4. University of Michigan Digital General Collection
  1. free eBooks Free classics and out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books, as well as limited-time freepromotional ebooks available for Kindle. Download this free Kindle Reading App if you do not have kindle.
  2. Barnes and Noble free eBooks Use on your Nook, Nook software or Barnes & Noble eReader software or app.
  3. Kobo Click here to download or view a list of applicable reading app.
  4. Open library Over 1,000,000 free ebook titles in classic literature for download.

Here you can define the content that will be placed within the current tab.

Reference Works

Reference books support students’ needs for quick and basic information. They are usually referred to for particular pieces of information and not meant to be read from the beginning to the end. Some examples include dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, yearbooks, abstracts, almanacs, biographies and etc.

Find reference titles for Economics using Advanced Search in the library catalogue and specifying the TYPE as REFERENCE.


Selected Reference Works

I have compiled a list of reference titles which you might be interested in. Click on the hyperlinked titles to check availability in the Library. Electronic copies are denoted [e-book] and direct access will be provided if available. You might be asked to login with your NTU Network account and password.

Content at a Glance

Books on Economic Indicators
Other Reference Tools


  1. New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online [e-book]
    View its Library Catalogue record.
  2. A Dictionary of Economics [e-book]
    View its Library Catalogue record.


  1. International encyclopedia of social and behavioral sciences 2002 [e-book]


  1. Handbooks in Economics Series (Elsevier) 1979-2010
    Contain a list of texts

Books on Economic Indicators

  1. Guide to Economic Indicators (Frumkin) 2006
    Call No.: HC103.F944 2006
  2. Guide to Economic Indicators : Making Sense of Economics (Economist) 2003 [e-book]
  3. Secrets of Economic Indicators : Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities 2008
    Call No.: HB3730.B348 2008
  4. International Economic Indicators and Central Banks 2007
    Call No.: HB3730.P595

Other reference Tools

  1. Adam’s Smith’s The Wealth of Nations [e-book]

a. The History of Economic Thought Website

b. Oxford Reference Online – Premium Collection

c. Online Library of Liberty – contains classic ebooks about individual liberty that go back some 4,000 years and cover the disciplines of economics, history, law, literature, philosophy, political theory, religion, war and peace.


A database contains a collection of electronic information resources that can be accessed on and off campus via the Internet. You may be required to log in with your NTU username and password. Some useful databases are compiled below. Click on the database titles to access.

  1. EconLit with Full Text EconLit with Full Text is a major academic database with full text. It covers all fields of economics including capital markets, country studies, econometrics, economic forecasting, environmental economics, government regulations, labour economics, monetary theory, urban economics and etc. View its Database information page.
  2. Business Source Premier (Standard Interface / Enhanced Interface) Business Source Premier provides country reports, company directory and full text scholarly journals. View its Database information page.
  3. JSTOR JSTOR provides electronic access to back issues of core scholarly journals in the humanities, social science, and science. While coverage of these journals goes back to the first issue, the most recent issues are 3-5 years ago. View its Database information page.
  4. ProQuest ProQuest offers digital dissertations and theses from over 1,000 accredited North American graduate schools and European universities. Some have free access to full text while others expect a fee. View its Database information page.
  1. Business Monitor Online Offers global Country Risk, Financial Markets, Industry and Company Intelligence, Analysis, Data and Forecasts. View its Database information page.
  2. Roubini Global Economics RGE provides news, research, and commentary on global economic and political developments. A great resource for background information on developed markets as well as emerging economies. View its Database information page.
  3. (Economist Intelligence Unit) Provides valuable full text quarterly country reports. Subcategories include: Country Intelligence, Country Commerce, Country Finance, Country Forecast,Country Profile and Country Report. View its Database information page.
  4. World Development Report by World Bank Provides world development reports of the World Bank from 1978 to 2005 with selected world development indicators. View its Database information page.
  5. PERC (Political and Economic Risk Consultancy) Risk Report covers Asian Intelligence Reports and Monthly Country Risk Updates. Both full text and statistics are available. View its Database information page.
  1. CEIC WebCDM [How to Guide] CEIC offers accurate, timely and comprehensive economic data. Based on official publications or records obtained directly from issuing resources. View its Database information page.
  2. OECD iLibrary Besides books, SourceOECD also provides data covering a wide range of topics. Topic coverage is Agriculture & food; bank profitability; economic outlook; education at a glance; employment; globalisation; indicators for industry and services and etc. View itsDatabase information page.
  3. Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database) Passport GMID is an excellent source for international, US economic & consumer data. Compare countries over a 20-year span. Includes some forecast data. The data is easily downloadable into Excel. View its Database information page.
  4. World Development Indicators Online View its Database information page.
  5. China Data Online 中国数据在线 China Data Online offers macroeconomics and microeconomics data on China in English. Besides national statistics, the database also captures data of China’s provinces, cities and counties. View its Database information page.
  6. China Geo-Explorer IIChina Data Online 中国数据在线 [How to Guide] China Geo-Explorer II is an add-on module for China Data Online. This add-on component allows manipulation and display of macroeconomic and microeconomic geospatial data on China up to level of provinces, cities and counties in China. Data can be exported in excel, pdf, html or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Shape files.
  7. ChinaScope Financial ChinaScope Financial offers China companies data, industrial sector and macroeconomic data as well as media reports and market developments in both English and Chinese. Besides national statistics, some data is also available in China’s provinces, cities and counties level.
  8. National Bureau of Statistics of China This database contains statistical information for various aspects of China – ranging from financial data, to environmental issues data and demographic data.
  9. ISI Emerging Markets Provides news, economic data, legal information, market analysis, and information on companies and industries in emerging market countries. View its Database information page.
  10. United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) [Guide on Basic Query] [Guide on Basic Selection] Contains detailed trade statistics (import, export) among countries. Time series of data date back to 1962. If you are downloading more than 50,000 (maximum 5 million) data, please use library subscription. Commodities are classified according to SITC, theHarmonized System (HS) and Broad Economic Categories (BEC). View its Database information page.
  11. Statistical Yearbook (United Nations. Statistics Division) Provides economic and social statistics for over 200 countries and areas around the world. Subject covers Finance, Industrial production, Intellectual property, International merchandise trade, International tourism, Population and human settlements and etc.
  12. Global Economic Monitor (GEM) by World Bank Provides daily updates of global economic developments covering developed as well as developing countries in data and briefs. View its Database information page.
  13. SingStat Time Series Online (STS) NTU faculty, students and staff can contact the Statistical Information Services, Department of Statistics, at telephone: 1800-323 8118, fax: 6332 7689, or email with their data requirements. The charge is $1.00 excluding GST per data series on top of individual subscription fee $160.50 (annual). Please refer to the SingStat Time Series Directory for the list of available dataset.
  14. World Competitiveness Yearbook Using a range of statistical and qualitative data, it analyzes the ability of countries to create and maintain an environment that sustains the competitiveness of enterprises. It ranks 55 countries along four main Competitiveness Factors : economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure. Each of these four factors are broken further into five sub-factors and measured using 323 criteria.
  1. Factiva Factiva provides news and business information. It covers 10,000 sources from more than 159 countries in 22 languages and offers more than 400 continuously updated newswires, including the exclusive combination of Dow Jones, Reuters, and The Associated Press. View its Database information page.
  2. LexisNexis Academic LexisNexis Academic is strong for Legal Research covering legal news, law reviews, international case law and regulations and patent research but it also has extensive coverage of news wires and international news. View its Database information page.
  3. ISI Emerging Markets Provides news, economic data, legal information, market analysis, and information on companies and industries in emerging market countries. View its Database information page.
  4. Roubini Global Economics This database offers a collection of research reports, commentaries, summaries and news written or selected by Economists covering deep perspective about macroeconomic and geostrategic issues relating to global happenings and news. View its Database information page.
  1. Scopus Scopus is a multi-disciplinary database that brings you the broadest available coverage of scientific, technical, medical and social sciences literature from over 4,000 international publishers. Users can set up search & citation alerts for their research purpose by creating a personal profile and login. The Science Direct User ID and password can be used for Scopus.
  2. Web of Science Provides access to the Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities. View its Database information page.

An academic journal is the dominant communication medium for disseminating and sharing research findings. A Journal’s impact factor is commonly used to indicate how well cited a journal title as it measures the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year or period.

Top Journals in Economics according to ISI Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports Social Science edition 2014

No Journal Title ISSN Impact Factor
1 Journal of Economic Literature  0022-0515 11.762
2 Quarterly Journal Of Economics  0033-5533 9.794
3 Journal of Finance 0022-1082 7.546
4 Journal of Economic Perspectives 0895-3309 6.286
5 Review Of Financial Studies  0893-9454 6.192
6 Brookings papers on economic activity 0007-2303 5.932
7 Journal of Financial Economics 0304-405X 5.876
8 Econometrica 0012-9682 5.758
9 Journal of Political Economy 0022-3808 5.687
10 Economic Geography 0013-0095 5.489
11 American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics  1945-7707 5.226
12 American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 1945-7782 5.144
13 American Economic Review 0002-8282 4.951
14 Review of Economic Studies 0034-6527 4.705
15 Journal of Accounting & Economics 0165-4101 4.679
16 Transportation Research Part B-Methodological 019102615 4.116
17 Annual Review of Economics 1941-1383 3.956
18 Ecological Economics 0921-8009 3.929
19 American Economic Journal-Economic Policy 1945-7731 3.834
20 Journal of Economic Geography 1468-2702 3.814
Some other Core Journals in Economics
No Journal Title ISSN
1 Applied Economics 0003-6846
2 Economic Journal 0013-0133
3 Economic Outlook 0140-489X
4 Economica 0013-0427
5 Economist 0013-0613
6 Energy Strategy Review 2211-467X
7 European Economic Review 0014-2921
8 Harvard Business Review 0017-8012
9 International Economic Review 0020-6598
10 Journal of Applied Econometrics 0883-7252
11 Journal of Development Economics 0304-3878
12 Journal of Development Studies 0022-0388
13 Journal of Finance 0022-1082
14 Journal of International Economics 0022-1996
15 Journal of monetary Economics 0304-3932
16 Journal of Public Economics 0047-2727
17 Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 0895-5646
18 Oxford Economic Papers 0030-7653
19 Rand Journal of Economics 0741-6261
20 World Economy 0378-5920

Click on the hyperlinked titles to access the title online. You might be asked to login with your NTU Network account and password. There are 2 other ways to search or browse for journals.


There are thousands of electronic journal titles subscribed by the Library. You can BROWSE or SEARCH for more journal titles using the NTU Library Subscribed E-journals: A-to-Z List. This is a great method if you already know the name of the journal.


If you do not have a specific journal in mind and just want to search on a specific subject or topic, use OneSearch.

Explore more!

Some journals are only available in print format. If you have a specific print journal title in mind, find the call number and library location via the Library Catalogue. Select “Advanced Search” and limit your search to FORMAT TYPE > JOURNAL, MAGAZINE.


For more Library Catalogue tips, please click on IFAQ.


Browsing the Audio visual collection

Most of the AV collection is located at Level B2 of the Business Library and some are located at Art, Design & Media Library (ADM Library). Staff and students can borrow the titles home for 7 days.

Searching for AV materials

Here is a step-by-step instruction guide on how to search for AV titles in the library catalogue.

Some of the Economics AV titles are listed below. Click on the hyperlinked titles to check availability in the Library. All titles are available at Business Library unless otherwise indicated. Click here to view full list of DVD under Economics.

  1. Affluenza
    Call No.: HN60.A257
  2. Economics
    Call No.: HB74.5.T246
  3. Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything
    Call No.: HB74.P8F849
  4. Global Economics
    Call No.: HD75.G562e
  5. Made in China
    Call No.: HB126.C6M181
  6. Real world economics. Economies of scale
    Call No.: J509304
  7. Real world economics. Market structure
    Call No.: B509306
  8. Real world economics. Barter, banknotes and beyond
    Call No.: E509302
  9. The ascent of money : boom and bust
    Call No.: HB75.A811
  10. The undercover economist: exposing why the rich are rich, the poor are poor–and why you can never buy a decent used car!
    Call No.: HC59.15.H278
  11. Wall Street
    Call No.: PN1995.9.B87W187 (ADM Library)
  12. Where got problem
    Call No.: PN1995.9. W467 2 VCDS
  13. The Asian economic crisis
    Call No.: F509535
Web Resources
 Although I highly recommend that you make full use of library subscribed materials, there are many useful and quality web resources that I think is worth a look. I have compiled a short list here.

Multimedia Resources

  1. Bloomberg – Official Youtube channel and CEO Spotlight Videos – Check out these videos for important finanical news and interviews.
  2. Official Youtube channel for National Committe on United States-China Relations- Contains videos for NCUSCR events.

Reserves / RBR titles / Red-spot books are recommended textbooks selected by your lecturers for your course modules.

Browsing the Reserves collection

Economics Reserve titles are located in the Reserves section at the Library Outpost, located on the top floor of the new South Spine learning hub. They are marked for 2-hour loan and are easily identified by the red spot on the book spine. For Year 1 and Year 2 course reserves, there will also be a duplicate copy available in the Automated Reserves Machine (ARM), outside the Library Outpost, which will allow for 24/7 access.

RBR titles are borrowed at the loan counter only. The books may be borrowed overnight 2 hours before the Service Desk closes on weekdays, and at 10 am on Saturdays. These overnight loan items must be returned by 11 am the next working day. Overdue fines for RBR titles are set at $0.50 per hour so be sure to return them on time.

Searching for Reserve titles

You can retrieve Reserves titles via their Course Codes from the Library Catalogue.

  1. Go to the Library Catalogue:
  2. Select Reserves from the first drop-down menu from left-hand side
  3. Key in the course code
  4. Click Search
Student Works

The Library collects Final Year Projects in the Digital Repository (DR-NTU Restricted Access).

The Library also collects other student reports, industrial attachment reports (except confidential reports) and FYP videos. You can access these collections by logging in to Digital Repository (DR-NTU Restricted Access) with your NTU network username and password.

Final Year Projects

View the Collection Page of HSS Student Reports (FYP/IA/PA/PI). At the interface below, enter your known search terms and click Go; alternatively browse the collection by author, title, subject and date.

To retrieve all the FYP projects by Economics students, go to Advanced Search and set Economics under Degree.


To view video, click on “redirect.htm” and save the file. Double click the saved file to link to the video.


To submit your FYP,

  1. Login with your NTU network username and password to Digital Repository under My Account > NTU Student Authentication >
  2. Go All of DR-NTU > Communities & Collections >
  3. Select your School e.g. College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences > School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) > HSS Student Reports (FYP/IA/PA/PI) >
  4. Click Submit a new item to this collection
Staff Publications

HSS Staff Papers

The Digital Repository (Open Access) or DR-NTU (Open Access) aims to capture, store and preserve the scholarly output of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and make it available to the global research community. Journal articles and conference papers published by NTU faculty in the DR-NTU Open Access collection are searchable using Internet search engines such as Google.

Many publishers allow self archiving of publications in institutional repositories. You may refer to the copyright policies and archiving guidelines from Sherpa Romeo for more information on these publishers.

If you would like to submit your journal article or conference paper for inclusion our collection, please see the instructions about submissions to DR-NTU or contact your subject librarian.

Access the HSS staff papers directly.

Here are some faculty publication directories:

Faculty publications

Alternatively, you can try the Library Catalogue and our Databases to find more publications of staff from Economics Division by using their names as search terms.

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