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This is a selected list of library resources on Environmental Biotechnology. It is organized according to books, conference proceedings, e-books and electronic journals.

This bibliography serves as a starting point for students interested to find out more about Environmental Biotechnology.

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Conference Proceedings
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  1. Biological nitrogen removal activated sludge process in warm climates : full-scale process investigation, scaled down laboratory experimentation and mathematical modelling
    Call No. TD758.5.N58B615N
  2. Biological phophorus removal activated sludge process in warm climate
    Call No. TD746.C235
  3. Biological wastewater treatment : principle, modelling and design
    Call No. TD755.B615B
  4. Biology of wastewater treatment
    Call No. TD755.G781 2004
  5. Biotechnology for odor and air pollution control
    Call No. TD192.5.B616BF
  6. Biotechnology for waste management and site restoration : technological, educational, business, political aspects
    Call No. TD192.5.B616 1994
  7. Environmental biotechnologies for bioremediation of contaminated lands and soils by microbes, plants and earthworms
    Call No. TD878.S617
  8. Environmental biotechnology [2010]
    Call No. TD192.5.F962
  9. Environmental biotechnology [2010] [E-book also available]
    Call No. TD170.E61B
  10. Environmental biotechnology [2007]
    Call No. TD192.5.B575
  11. Environmental biotechnology [2004]
    Call No. TD192.5.S433
  12. Environmental biotechnology : a biosystems approach
    Call No. TD192.5.V184
  13. Environmental biotechnology : concepts and applications
    Call No. TD192.5.E61
  14. Environmental biotechnology : principles and applications
    Call No. TD192.5.R615
  15. Environmental biotechnology : theory and application [2011]
    Call No. TD192.5.E92 2011
  16. Environmental biotechnology : theory and application [2003] [E-book also available]
    Call No. TD192.5.E92
  17. Environmental impact assessment handbook : a practical guide for planners, developers and communities
    Call No. TD194.58.G7C319
  18. Environmental pollution control microbiology
    Call No. TD174.M478
  19. Guidelines for the identification of ciliates in waste water treatment
    Call No. TD475.S487
  20. Handbook for biosensors and biosensor kinetics
    Call No. R857.B54S124H
  21. Nanotechnology in water treatment applications
    Call No. TD475.N186
  22. New research on the environment and biotechnology
    Call No. TD192.5.N532
  23. The ideal of nature : debates about biotechnology and the environment
    Call No. QH332.I19
  24. Treatment wetlands
    Call No. TD755.K11 2009

Conference Proceedings

  1. European Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology–ESEB 2004: proceedings of the European Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology, ESEB 2004, 25-28 April 2004, Oostende, Belgium
    Call No. TD192.5.E89 2004
  2. Applications of biotechnology to mitigation of greenhouse warming: proceedings of the St. Michaels workshop, April, 2003
    Call No. TD885.5.G73S775 2003[The conferences listed below are indexed by Web of Science]
  3. International symposium on environmental biotechnology ISEB website
  4. International symposium of the institute of gas technology on gas, oil, coal, and environmental biotechnology GTI website
  5. IWA specialized conference on environmental biotechnology IWA website
  6. Microorganisms in industry and environment : from scientific and industrial research to consumer products : proceedings of the III International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology (BioMicroWorld2009), Lisbon, Portugal, 2-4 December 2009.
    Call No. QR1.I61 2009


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  1. Advances in applied bioremediation
  2. Applications of phytotechnologies for cleanup of industrial, agricultural and wastewater contamination
  3. Biomanagement of metal-contaminated soils 
  4. Bioremediation : methods and protocols
  5. Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in cold regions
  6. Bioremediation of soils contaminated with aromatic compounds
  7. Biotechnological innovations in chemical synthesis
  8. Drinking water treatment
  9. Environmental bioremediation technologies
  10. Fungal biotechnology in agricultural, food, and environmental applications
  11. In situ bioremediation of perchlorate in groundwater
  12. Industrial waste treatment handbook
  13. Microbes and microbial technology : agricultural and environmental applications
  14. Microbial biosorption of metals
  15. Sustainable biotechnology
  16. Ullmann’s encyclopedia of industrial chemistry
  17. Wastewater microbiology
  18. Wetland systems : storm water management control 


  1. Applied microbiology and environmental microbiology
  2. Bioremediation journal
  3. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
  4. Reviews in environmental science and biotechnology
  5. Journal of Biotechnology

AV materials

    1. In this video, Cornell University Professor Dr Larry Walker talks about how biotechnology can help ensure Earth’s sustainable future.

  1. The website of this commercial company has some interesting audio-visual links to instructional and current affairs biotechnology topics
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