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The advent of computer-based information technologies, especially the emphasis upon process, system and code has enabled businesses (models and processes) to perceive that they, too, function as forms or subsets of Information Technology (IT). Today, everyone has begun to write computer programs to aid their business processes, even small and medium-sized businesses. This is part of the re-engineering of the business process. For example from a brick and mortar operation to a click and mortar one. A good case study is The connections between IT and business has become so intertwined that a whole school can be dedicated to the study and research on Information Technology in the business environment.

Finding more about Information Technology

Every subject that is been taught has a beginning. You might want to start with Tom Green’s Bright Boys(call no. UG730.G798). Here’s a short video trailer on YouTube.

The book is useful in understanding more about the Whirlwind Project. As IT develops to meet more and more business and organization needs, it grew into an industry known as the Information Technology Industry. Here is a short video that illustrates the Information Technology Industry. It is produced by The Metro Denver WIRED.

I would also recommend Management information systems: using cases within an industry context to solve business problems with information technology by David L. Anderson. It complements the short video above. This book is located in the Business Library, call number HD30.213.A546.

Community of Practice

In NBS, a student club called NBS-SCS Student Chapter was launched on 22 September 2004 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Nanyang Business School’s (NBS) and Singapore Computer Society’s (SCS). Their objective is to strive to promote IT knowledge amongst their members, allowing them to become well rounded Information System (IS) professionals. It is now known as the NBS Business Analytics Club.

NBS has a research centre called Information Management Research Centre (IMARC) and is known for the research and executive education in the management of IT. This centre focuses on understanding, integrating, creating and disseminating new concepts and best practices in the management and use of IT in the Asia Pacific. IMARC has been actively engaged in joint research with a number of organizations, collaborating with researchers worldwide on publications. Their major research themes are listed below:

  1. Electronic Commerce
  2. Strategic IT Management
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. IT Personnel Management : Careers & Competencies
  6. Management of the Outsourcing of IT & Other Business Functions
  7. Data mining, Data Modeling and Decision Support Systems
  8. E-Government
  9. Virtual Communities & Knowledge Management

The key association in Singapore is the Singapore Computer Society and another related non-profit organization is the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS).

Topics/Course Guides

Social Media and Information Goods

This subject guide is designed to assist patrons in locating information on the topic “Social Media and Information Goods” related to Information Technology. This is a select list of library resources: books, e-books, AV materials, and electronic journals. The last...

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Sustainable Business and Information Technology

This guide is created by Eric Ge Liu and maintained by Edward Lim Junhao. This subject guide is designed to assist patrons in locating information on the topic “Sustainable Business” related to Information Technology. This is a select list of library resources: books,...

read more

Introduction to Information Technology

This guide is created by Eric Ge Liu and maintained by Edward Lim Junhao. This subject guide is designed to assist patrons in locating information on the topic “Introduction to Information Technology”. This is a selected list of library resources: books, conference...

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  1. Enquiries about library resources
  2. Requests for new resources
  3. Library orientation & tours
  4. Instructional classes
  5. Research Assistance

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Advisory and Consultation:
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NTU Library Homepage

Selected Resources


Books are one of the best resources to go to when you are studying a new subject. Use books if you are looking for the following types of information:

  1. Broad overview or introductory information, for example,
    1. Electronic commerce 2008: a managerial perspective
      Call No.: HF5548.32.E38ECM
    2. Computer confluence: tomorrow’s technology and you
      Call No.: QA76.5.B414CC
  2. Several opinions from one place – collective essays and book excerpts, for example,
    1. Technology and values: essential readings
      Call No.:BJ59.T255
  3. Historical information where the facts do not change much over time, for example,
    1. The information revolution : the not-for-dummies guide to the history, technology, and use of the World Wide Web
      call No.: TK5105.875.I57K41

Books may not be very useful if:

  1. Your research need very recent or cutting edge information, especially in rapidly growing or changing subject areas
  2. The topic or subject is very specific and narrow

Journals are better sources of recent or cutting edge research information.

Browsing the Collection

The Information Technology (IT) book collection can be found in the Business Library. Some IT-related books can also be found in the Lee Wee Nam library under the classification numbers of QA and TK. The major IT subject areas and their respective classification numbers are shown below.

Search Terms LC Class
Forecasting CB15
Contracting out (Industry) HD2365-2385
Corporate governance HD2741
Multimedia system in Management HD30.212
Management Information System HD30.213
Business enterprise – computer networks HD30.37
Business Logistics HD38.5
Business intelligence HD38.7
Contracting out (Public contracts) HD3860-3861
Technology innovation – employee participation HD45
Wage payment systems HD4926-4927
Technology unemployment HD6331-6331.2
Business analyst HD69.B87
Internet Industry HD9696.8
Database industry HD9696.D36-D364
Business information services HF54.5 – 54.7
Database marketing HF5415.126
Electronic data interchange HF5548.33
Mobile commerce HF5548.34
Business Records Management HF5735-5746
Electronic banking HG1710 -1710.5
Information theory Q350-390
Multimedia systems QA76.575
Expert systems (Computer science) QA76.76.E95
Data warehousing QA76.9.D37
Virtual computer system QA76.9.V5
Health services administration RA971
Technological innovation T172.8
Technology Transfer T173.3
Technological forecasting T174
Decision support systems T58.62
Information resources management T58.64
Wide area networks (Computer networks) TK5105.87
Internet TK5105.875.I57
Technology TK5105.88815
Computer integrated manufacturing systems TS155.63
Flexible manufacturing systems TS155.65
Internet publishing Z286.I57
Internet research ZA4228

Searching for books

Use the Library Catalogue to find books in both print and electronic versions. There are 2 interfaces you can use:

  1. Basic search interface:BizIT_basic
  2. Advanced search interface:BizIT_advanced

You can further improve your search results with these catalogue tips.

Select book lists by subjects

You can also find a list of books on a specific subject by searching the Library Catalogue under the appropriate subject headings in the subject field.

Example of subject headings:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Data Mining
  3. Internet–Political aspects
  4. Information Systems
  5. Knowledge Management

E-books are the digital version of print books designed to be read on a personal computer or on an e-book reader.

Browsing by E-book providers

The major providers of e-books in the field of Information Technology are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on the titles to access. You may be asked to login with your NTU network username and password.

  1. Safari Tech Online
    Safari provides online access to IT-related books from major IT publishers. The subjects available are mainly on Information Technology and Business for example, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, IT management, Graphics and Hardware.
  2. SpringerLink
    Springer is a provider of online information services for scientific, technical, and medical (STM) books and journals. This includes access to e-books and e-book series in computer science and engineering.
  3. SciVerse ScienceDirect
    ScienceDirect is a full-text scientific database offering journals, book series, books and reference works in many subject areas. It has more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books. This includes computer Science and engineering topics.
    InfoSECURITYnetBASE provides access to over 40 information security publications suitable for IT professionals.

Searching for E-books

E-books on a specific topic in your subject area can be found by searching the Library Catalogue. See this step-by-step instruction guide for finding e-books.

Reference Works

Reference books are special types of books to refer to when one needs quick and basic information. They are usually not read from cover to cover. Examples include dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, yearbooks, abstracts, almanacs, biographies and etc.

Searching for Reference Works

Reference books can be found by searching the Library Catalogue. See this step-by-step instruction guide for finding reference books.

Below are some samples of reference works. Some are electronic versions. Click on the titles to launch the titles. Others are print copies. Click to check availability and location.



  1. The Relational Database Dictionary: Extended Edition [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX(610301.1)
  2. Data dictionaries for database administrators
    Call No: QA76.9.D3V779
  3. The relational database dictionary: a comprehensive glossary of relational terms and concepts, with illustrative examples
    Call No: QA76.9.D3D232C
  4. Dictionary of computing, 5th Ed. [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX (349628.1)
  5. The dictionary of standard C
    Call No: QA76.73.C15J22D


  1. Encyclopedia of Database Systems [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX(628913.1)
  2. Encyclopedia of Algorithms [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX(554292.1)
  3. Encyclopedia of information ethics and security
    Call No: HM851.E56
  4. Hack attacks encyclopedia: a complete history of hacks, cracks, phreaks, and spies over time
    Call No: QA76.9.A25C541
  5. Encyclopedia of computer science and technology Rev. ed.
    Call No: QA76.15.H496
  6. The encyclopedia of networking 3rd ed.
    Call No: TK5105.5.F297
  7. Concise encyclopedia of modelling & simulation 1st ed.
    Call No: QA76.9.C65C744


  1. Embedded systems handbook: networked embedded systems 2nd ed. [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX(624339.1)
  2. Computer and information security handbook
    Call No: TK5105.59.C738
  3. The data access handbook: achieving optimal database application performance and scalability
    Call No: QA76.9.D26G655
  4. Handbook of Database Security: Applications and Trends [electronic resource]
    Call No: XX(551794.1)

What are library databases?

A library database is an electronic catalogue or index that contains information about published items. Most of the library databases are not freely available on the Internet and are specially subscribed by the library.

Library databases contain a variety of information from professional sources such as articles from journals, magazine, newspaper and trade publications. There are also conference proceedings, Business intelligence reports and financial data.

Library databases are searchable. By Keywords, Subject, Author, Title, Date and etc.

Library databases provide citation information:

  1. Author
  2. Title of Article
  3. Publication (Title of Journal, Newspaper, or Reference Book)
  4. Publisher
  5. Date of Publication

How is a library database different from a website?

Library databases Websites
Scholarly content written by professionals or experts in the field. Content on websites can be written by anyone regardless of expertise.
The content is reviewed by professionals or experts in the area. Website content is not necessarily checked by an expert.
Library databases are updated frequently and on regular basis. Websites often do not indicate when a page is updated. Your reference to them may be changed without notice.

How to access Library databases?

NTU library subscribes to many library databases in a wide range of subjects. You can browse them at the database page. I have selected core and related databases for information technology and have listed them below.

  1. Gartner Core Research
    Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company. Their focus is on technology-related insight geared towards helping their clients make the right decisions. Users include CIOs and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, and technology investors – over 60,000 clients in 11,600 distinct organizations. Gartner provides independent and invaluable perspectives on
  • Markets: No access
  • Topics: Access to all
  • Industries: Full access to the following industries: Government, Education, Healthcare

Watch this video about Gartner: An Introduction

  • Gartner Market and Competitive Intelligence
    • Full access to Markets, Topics, Industries
    • Industries: includes Banking & Investment Services, Insurance, Media, Energy & Utilities, and Retail and Manufacturing
    • Schedule an Analyst Call (via Subject Librarian)
    • Market Statistic Online (Hardware, Software, IT Services, Communications, and Semiconductor

    The NTU Library subscription covers the Gartner Core Research and Gartner Market & Competitive Intelligence. If you are accessing Gartner Core Research and require access to “premium content”, pleaseapproach our Service Desk, Business Library (N2-B2b-07)

    Gartner has special reports that are time-sensitive IT research reports focused on key issues in technology (since 2004). In addition, notable research methodologies include Gartner’s Hype CycleMagic Quadrantsand MarketScopesCompany Dashboard can be used to measure how frequently a chosen company is mentioned in Gartner’s published research, end-user inquiries and searches.

  • Forrester Research
    Forrester Research is an independent research company that provides advice to global leaders in business and technology, across three distinct groups: IT, Marketing & Strategy, and Technology Industry. Forrester provides proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities, and peer-to-peer executive programs.


Other notable areas include the Forrester Wave™, and Data Explorer for their three products:

  • Consumer Technographics (Global survey data on consumer technology adoption and behaviors)
  • Forrester’s Forrsights for Business Technology (B2B survey data on technology buyers’ attitudes and plans)
  • Forrester’s Workforce Forrsights (B2B survey data on how employees acquire and use technology for work)


Related Databases

  1. Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
    This is an electronic book resource that provides access to Engineering and Computer Science titles in the form of “Synthesis Lectures series”. It provides an introduction to new fields, current content on developments in research areas and advance topics. View its Database Information Page.
  2. Engineering Village
    This platform provides access to multiple databases (Compendex, Inspec and NTIS) for the latest Applied Science and Engineering research developments. It also provides access to CRCEngNetbase and Referex e-book package, patents produced European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). View its database Information Page.
  3. Springerlink
    Springerlink provides access to journals, e-books published by Springer in the areas of Engineering, Computer Science and etc. View its database Information Page.
  4. Dissertations & Theses via Proquest
    The ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database has more than 2.4 million entries regarding theses and dissertations done in North America. It is a multidisciplinary database and covers a range of subject areas including Computing. View its database Information Page.

An academic journal is the dominant communication medium for disseminating and sharing research findings, particularly in the fields of Science and Engineering.

What are Journal articles useful for?

Journal articles may be useful when:

  1. Your topic is very recent. Articles, especially in newspapers and magazines, are intended to keep people up-to-date on the latest development in various issues, so they are very useful if you are tracking new developments and progress of a topic. For example, the most recent applications and developments of smart grid technology
  2. Your topic is very narrow in scope. You could be interested in something so specific that there will not be books written about the topic. For example, research on performance testing for XML Database based on TPC-C benchmark

Journal articles may not be useful when:

  1. You need background or overview information
  2. Your topic is broad or covers a long time span

How to access Journal articles?

There are a couple of ways to look for journal articles at the library:

1. NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list

If you have a specific journal in mind, search for its availability in our Library e-Journals List. There are three ways to search the A-to-Z list:

  1. Search for titles subscribed by the library. The search box can retrieve title of journal, ISSN, or subject
  2. Browse by Discipline
  3. Browse a list of free e-journals

In order to access the full text of the journal you’ve retrieved:

Search results from E-Journals

Click on the Availability to expand and present the databases that the journal can be found in and the period covered, and pick the appropriate link to proceed.

2. Databases

If you do not have a specific journal in mind, use the appropriate databases to search for journal articles on a specific subject or topic.

Selected Journals

noun_547843_ccSee the list of core journals mentioned by the ITOM faculty in NTU. Those mentioned are included in the tables below:

Information Management
Journal Title Availability
noun_547843_ccInformation Systems Research Yes
noun_547843_ccMIS Quarterly Yes
noun_547843_ccJournal of Management Information Systems Yes
noun_547843_ccJournal of the Association of Information Systems Yes
Computers in Human Behavior Yes
Decision Support Systems Yes
noun_547843_ccEuropean Journal of Information Systems Yes
Expert Systems with Applications Yes
Government Information Quarterly Yes
Information and Management Yes
Information and Organization Yes
Information Society Yes
Information Systems Frontiers Yes
Information Systems Journal Yes
Information Technology and People Yes
International Journal of Electronic Commerce Yes
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies Yes
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication Yes
Journal of Information Technology Yes
noun_547843_ccJournal of Strategic Information Systems Yes
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) Limited
Communications of the ACM Yes
MIS Quarterly Executive (MISQ-E) No subscription
Operations Research, Management Science, Operations & Technology Management
Journal Title Availability
noun_547843_ccManagement Science Yes
noun_547843_ccOperations Research Yes
Journal of Operations Management Yes
International Journal of Operations and Production Management Yes
noun_547843_ccProduction and Operations Management Yes
noun_547843_ccEuropean Journal of Operational Research Yes
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Yes
Mathematical Programming Yes
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (formerly “IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics – Part A: Systems and Humans”) Limited
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation Yes
Annals of Operations Research Yes
Computational Optimization and Applications Yes
Computers and Operations Research Yes
noun_547843_ccDecision Sciences Yes
Evolutionary Computation Yes
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making Yes
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (formerly “IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part C (Applications and Reviews)”) Limited
noun_547843_ccIIE Transactions Yes
INFORMS Journal on Computing Yes
International Journal of Forecasting Yes
Journal of Heuristics Yes
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications Yes
noun_547843_ccJournal of the Operational Research Society Yes
Mathematics of Operations Research Yes
noun_547843_ccNaval Research Logistics Yes
Omega: The International Journal of Management Science Yes
OR Spectrum Yes
Reliability Engineering and System Safety Yes
SIAM Journal on Optimization Yes
noun_547843_ccTransportation Science Yes
Computers in Industry Yes
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management Yes
International Journal of Production Economics Yes
noun_547843_ccInternational Journal of Production Research Yes
Journal of Scheduling Yes
Journal of Supply Chain Management Yes
noun_547843_ccManufacturing and Service Operations Management (M&SOM) Yes
Production Planning and Control Yes
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal Yes
Others (General Management, Organisation Studies, & Strategy)
Journal Title Availability
Organization Sciencenoun_547843_cc Yes
Academy of Management Journalnoun_547843_cc Yes
Strategic Management Journalnoun_547843_cc Yes

This list is created after consulting the Academic Journal Guide (version 5, 2015) published by The Chartered Association of Business Schools in U. K. (The next edition is likely to be in 2018.)

Select list of trade magazines / non-scholarly periodicals:
Wired Yes Details
Fast Company Yes No

Wired is also available in digital iPad format at the Management Circle at Business Library.

Star by Focus Lab from the Noun Project






















The Library has a good selection of audio visual materials, numbering about 26,000 items which include feature films, documentaries and other learning resources. The Audio Visual collection is located in the Business Library at Level B2.

Staff and Masters/PhD students can borrow the titles home. Undergraduates can approach the service desk to borrow a title and view it within the library. Here is a step-by-step instruction guide to search for AV titles in the Library Catalogue.

Here are a few AVs that might be of interest to you.

  1. Novel paradigms in system-level design
    Call No.: QA76.76.O63N937
  2. CEO exchange. Innovators of silicon Valley: conversations in leadership
    Call No.: HD38.2.I58
  3. The key roles of soft computing & fuzzy logic in the conception, design and deployment of intelligent systems
    Call No.: E504625
  4. Setting up an Internet server
    Call No.: F508161
  5. Technologies for portable systems
    Call No.: E511546 TAPE 1 OF 4, G511547 TAPE 2 OF 4, G511550 COURSE NOTES, J511548 TAPE 3 OF 4, L511549 TAPE 4 OF 4
Web Resources
Here are some selected web resources on Information Technology.

Content at a Glance

Current Technology News
Open Access
Online Books

Current Technology News

All the news websites listed below are free.

  1. CNET CNET provides current technology news, both technical and IT industry news.
  2. ChannelWeb ChannelWeb serves individuals and organizations in the ‘technology channel’, including IT solution providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs), integrators and consultants. The site provides current news, technology reviews, a searchable VAR directory, industry overviews, studies & white papers, and an encyclopedia that defines IT terms.
  3. Mashable Mashable is the top source for news on social and digital media, technology and web culture. It provides analysis of trends, review new web sites and services and even offers social media resources and guides.
  4. CrunchBase CrunchBase is a free database on technology companies, people and investors.
  5. TechCrunch TechCrunch profiles startups, review new Internet products and serves breaking tech news.
  6. BNet is the hub of the CBS Interactive Business Network. They provide working professionals with insights for today’s workplace.
  7. InfoWorld InfoWorld is a good source of information on emerging enterprise technologies.
  8. Bits Bits is one of the technology blogs available at New York Times covering news and analysis on the technology industry from a business perspective.
  9. McKinsey Quarterly McKinsey Quarterly is the business journal published by McKinsey & Company. The relevant sections are: Business Technology, covering application management, infrastructure, operations, organization, outsourcing & offshoring, and strategy. Operations covers outsourcing, performance, product development, purchasing, and supply chain & logistics. High Tech focuses on hardware, software, and strategy & analysis.

Open Access

This is a list of open access academic journals.

  1. Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology [ISSN: 11764120] Publisher: National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications
  2. Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction [ISSN: 14006529] Publisher: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB)
  3. Information Technology Journal [ISSN: 1812-5638] Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information


  1. Portal:Information technology
  2. Portal:Computer Science
  3. Clinical Informatics Wiki

Online Books

  1. Online Programming Books lists online books and eBooks which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally and free of charge.
  2. Tech Books Download book on Linux, Java, Microsoft, C and C++, Perl/Python, Science, Networking, Database, and Security.
Reserves, also known as Recommended Book Room (RBR) books or Red-spot books, are recommended texts, references and articles for various courses specified by your lecturers.

Browsing the Reserves collection

Reserve titles for Information Technology are located in the Business Library at the Reserves section. Each title is marked for a 2-hour loan. Do borrow them with your student card using the self-service machines located within the Reserves section and remember to return them on time as overdue fines are set at S$0.50 per hour.

Searching for Reserves

You can retrieve the Reserves titles by their respective Course Codes from the NTU Library Catalogue.

  1. Go to NTU Library Catalogue:
  2. Click the Reserves tab on the top right-hand side
  3. Key in the course code
  4. Click Lookup Items on Reserve by Course Number.

As seen in the diagram below. EEE-reserves-pict

Student Works

If you would like to search for Nanyang Business School’s Information Technology – Final Year Project Reports and Industrial Attachment Reports (except for those confidential reports specified by your school), you can use the NTU Library’s Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Restricted Access). You can login using your NTU network username and password to view the full text.

You can browse NBS publications in the DR-NTU (Restricted Access) under:

College of Business (NBS)

Alternatively, you can search for the College of Business (NBS) publications in the DR-NTU (Restricted Access) through the Advanced Search by:

  • Keyword
  • Degree
  • Author
  • Title
  • Type
  • Abstract
  • Supervisor
  • Exam Date
  • Language
Staff Publications

The Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Open Access) aims to capture, store and preserve the scholarly output of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and make it available to the global research community. The journal articles and conference paper publications of the NTU faculty in the DR-NTU (Open Access) collection are searchable using Internet search engines such as Google orBing or Yahoo.

You can browse NTU staff publications in the DR-NTU (Open Access) by:

Alternatively, you can search for NTU staff publications in the DR-NTU (Open Access) through theAdvanced Search by:

  • Keyword
  • Abstract
  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Type
  • Conference Name
  • Series/Journal Title
  • School
  • Department
  • Research Centre
  • Related Organization
  • Language
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