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More than 70% of our earth is covered with water and so it is not surprising that more than 80% of the total global transportation is accomplished by shipping. The maritime industry is an important component of world trade and it covers broad areas such as shipping, business, management, maritime science and technology.

If you are new to the subject of shipping or maritime transport industry, you might want to read the following books for an introduction. Click on the image to check availability in the Library:

  1. Elements of shipping 8th edition [electronic resource] by Alan Branch. Lee Wee Nam Library. Call Number HE571.B816 2007.
  2. Shipping and ports in the 21st Century: globalization, technological change and the environment by Pinder, David. Lee Wee Nam Library. Call Number HE571.S557
  3. Reeds Sea Transport: operations and economics. By Thomas Reed. Lee Wee Nam Library. Call Number HE735.A362 2011
  4. Introduction to Shipping by Captain Cheong Kwee Thiam. Lee Wee Nam Library. Call Number HE571 C518
  5. Farthing on International Shipping [electronic resource] / by Proshanto K. Mukherjee, Mark Brownrigg.

The Container
One invention that revolutionized the shipping world was the introduction of container or box to move items from one place to another. The inventor was Mr Malcom McLean. His invention has a significant effect on the entire supply chain. Look out for the following books if you want to know more about containerization and how it has changed the world. Click on the images to check availability in the Library:

box  changed-the-world 9780262028578_0


NTU’s Maritime Studies undergraduate programme

Designed as a 4 year honours programme and the curriculum includes:

  1. Foundation subjects including Mathematics, Social Sciences, Business and Technology
  2. Shipping specialist subjects including Organization and Management of Shipping Companies, International Shipping Logistics, Maritime Law, Marine Insurance and Shipping Strategy

Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies and Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies with Business Major.

Topics/Course Guides

Chinese books on selected Maritime topics

A list of books in chinese for students who are interested in maritime topics but are more comfortable with the chinese language. This collection is kindly donated by Mr Philip Yang. Click on the book title to check availability and library location. 杨良宜...

read more


Feel free to contact the library for your Research needs such as:

  1. Enquiries about library resources
  2. Requests for new resources
  3. Library orientation & tours
  4. Instructional classes
  5. Research Assistance

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Tel: (65) 6790 5776
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Selected Resources


Books are good starting points for background information of a new subject area. Information from books are not always the latest but they serve as good introduction.


You can either BROWSE our Library’s collection (which is arranged in a systematic classified order) OR SEARCH the Library catalogue for a list of relevant books.

Browsing the collection

The NTU Maritime Studies programme focuses primarily on tertiary education in shipping, business, management and maritime science and technology. As this covers two broad disciplines: business and science & technology, relevant books can be found in Business Library and the Lee Wee Nam Library.

Below is a list of key subject terms in Maritime Studies with corresponding call numbers and the libraries they are housed in.

Search Terms LC Class Library
Seamen, sailor, merchant mariners HD8039.S42 Business Library
Water transportation HE1-945 Lee Wee Nam Library
Maritime law K1150-1123 Business Library
Naval architecture, ship building VM1-989 Lee Wee Nam Library
Cargo handling VK235 Lee Wee Nam Library
Ports and terminals VK321-369
Lee Wee Nam Library
Oil pollution TD427 Lee Wee Nam Library
Freight HE199, HE593-597, TA1210-1215 Lee Wee Nam Library

Searching for books

You can find a list of books on a specific Maritime studies subject by searching the Library Catalogue using appropriate subject headings in the SUBJECT field. Improve your search results with these catalogue tips.

To help you to get started, I have compiled a list of books on specific topics.

Click on the following topics to retrieve relevant books.

  1. Harbors economic aspects
  2. Container ships
  3. Shipping finance
  4. Maritime terrorism
  5. Shipping
  6. Ships fuel
  7. Charter parties
  8. Ships cargo

The library does not have a particular book? Recommend it to us

Students can send an e-mail to with as much details about the item as possible – Title, Author/editor, Place of publication, Publisher or producer, Date of publication, ISBN, Edition and Price.


Electronic books or e-books are basically the digital version of print books. Generally speaking, information in e-books are readily accessible to users because they can be opened remotely. It also has the advantage of being updated more frequently than the print counterparts. This advantage is especially marked in the case of online dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Searching for E-book

You can search for e-books using the Library Catalogue. Refer to this e-book page on how to search for e-books.

Selected e-book titles

Below is my picks of e-books which I think are relevant to Maritime Studies. Click on the images to launch the ebooks. Login with your NTU Network username and password if prompted.







Reference Works

Handbooks, directories, encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictionaries are important sources of reference information.

Directories and yearbooks are useful in locating people, products, companies or associations and statistics. Dictionaries provide definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviations. For background information on a subject of interest, encyclopedias can be helpful.

Reference titles can be found using the advanced search function in the library catalogue by specifying the TYPE as REFERENCE.

I picked out some reference titles which I think Maritime Studies students might find useful. Click on the title to check its availability in the Library.



  1. Fearnleys review 2008
    Call No. HE561.F288 2008
  2. Annual journal (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Singapore)
    Call No. VM1.S678
  3. Containerisation international yearbook
    Call No. TA1215.C759
  4. Complete guide to the bunker market 2008
    Call No. VM779.J31

Market Reports


A. Drewry Shipping Consultants

Selected Drewry titles available in our library collection:

  1. The Drewry annual container market review and forecast We have the 2005 and 2010 editions.
    Call No. HE561.D776
  2. Annual review of global container terminal operatorsWe have the 2004 and 2009 editions.
    Call No. HE561.D776A
  3. Manning 2010/11
    Call No. HE561.M283 2010/2011
  4. World Shipbuilding Annual Review and Forecast 2010/2011
    Call No. VM1.W927 2010/2011
  5. Reefer Shipping Market Annual Review and Forecast 2010/11
    Call No. VM459.R327
  6. Container Terminal Capacity and Performance Benchmarks
    Call no. HE551.C759
  7. Dry bulk forecaster : quarterly analysis of the dry bulk market [3rd Quarter 2011]
    Call no. VM393.B7D798

B. BIMCO (The Baltic and Maritime International Council)

  1. BIMCO/ISF Manpower 2010 & 2005 Update: the worldwide demand for and supply of seafarers, main report
    Call no. HD8039.S4B611M [in Business Library]
  2. BIMCO Review (1999 & 2004)
    Call no. HE571.B197

C. Clarkson Research

  1. Shipping review & outlook (Autumn 2011)
    Call no. HE561 C613

D. Institute of Shipping Economics & Logistics (ISL)

  1. ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review (Summer 2012)
    Call no. HE561.S557 V56, NO4 2012

E. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

1. Review of Maritime Transport (Series) – This is an annual publication (since 1968) and can be downloaded free from their site.



  1. Reeds dictionary of shipping and marine finance
    Call No. HE567.P126
  2. Dictionary of maritime and transportation terms
    Call No. V23.M753
  3. ICC guide to incoterms 2000 : understanding and practical use
    Call No. K1029.6.R167
  4. Dictionary of shipping, international business trade terms and abbreviations 5th ed.
    Call No. HE567.B816 2005


  1. The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business by Grammenos, Costas
    Call No. HE582.H236 2010 [1st edition is also available]
  2. International handbook of maritime business by Kevin Cullinane
    Call No. HE571.I61NH
  3. Lloyd’s MIU handbook of maritime security by Herbert-Burns, Rupert
    Call No. VK203.L793

Reference books

  1. The maritime engineering reference book : a guide to ship design, construction and operation
    Call No. VM145.M342

If you are interested in a specific Maritime Studies topic and would like to look for information published in journals, conference proceedings, reports and standards, then databases would be useful.


Core databases

Click on the database titles to launch it. Login with your NTU Network username and password if prompted.

  1. Lloyd’s List (ex CI-online)
    Lloyd’s List provides access to port and fleet statistics, fleet deployment information, conference and alliance details, freight rate indicators, services, shipping line profiles and a transit analyzer. [Click to read more…].
  2. IHS Fairplay
    Fairplay is shipping international weekly by Fairplay Publications Ltd, United Kingdom. Fairplay includes Advertising, Charts, Illustrations, Market Prices, Patents, Trade Literature, Statistics and Book Reviews relating to the shipping industry. It was previously called (until 1992): Fairplay International (0960-6165); (until 1989): Fairplay International Shipping Weekly (United Kingdom) (0307-0220); (until 1974): Fairplay International Shipping Journal. [Click to read more…].
  3. BIMCO
    BIMCO is a shipping association providing a wide range of services to its global membership of stakeholders who have vested interests in the shipping industry, including shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents.. [Click to read more…].
  4. KR-Con
    The database KR-Con is developed by KR and which contains all IMO publications e.g. SOLAS, MARPOL and also codes like FTP, TBC. Access to this resource is possible for NTU users, compliments of KR Register.

Related databases

  1. Business Source Premier
    Database provides full text scholarly business journals covering management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, etc. Full text sources range from general business journals such as Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, American Banker, etc. to academic journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Review, Review of Economics & Statistics, etc. This database also includes Country Monitor and Industry Yearbook Reports from WEFA, 35 country reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and provides information from an expansive company directory. Full text, PDF images and embedded images are available. [Click to read more…].
  2. ABI/ Inform
    ABI Inform is a source of business and management information with content from thousands of journals and publications. [Click to read more…].
  3. OneSource
    This database provides a spectrum of key business and contact information, integrated from over 30 various content providers, offering in-depth company profiles, corporate financials, parents & subsidiaries, company & Industry analyst reports, executive listings & biographies, news wires, trade & business press, industry overviews, trends and market research. [Click to read more…].
  4. Factiva
    Factiva provides news and business information. It covers 10,000 sources from more than 159 countries in 22 languages and offers more than 400 continuously updated newswires, including the exclusive combination of Dow Jones, Reuters, and The Associated Press. Factiva offers more than 640 wires, including Asia Pulse, Dow Jones-VWD, Agence France Presse, Agencia EFE and other industry, press release, and local newswires. It also has same-day and archival coverage of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Straits Times, and local newspapers from every corner of the globe. [Click to read more…].

Scholarly journals and trade journals are extremely important in furthering the communication of research and practical knowledge.


There are a few ways to access journal articles:

1. NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list

If you have a specific journal in mind, always try to find the electronic copy in the NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list first. There are 4 ways to search the A-to-Z list:



  1. Browse the index of e-journal providers (if you are familiar with the journal publishers like Wiley, Elsevier and etc.)
  2. Search for titles subscribed by the library. E-journal title search can be Title Name, Publisher Name, ISSN, Subjects or all of the above
  3. Browse by subjects
  4. Browse a list of free e-journals

The search result will present the databases that the journal can be found in and the period covered. Click on the database title to proceed.

2. Databases

Use databases if you do not have a specific journal in mind and just want to search on a specific subject or topic. See a list of core and related databases.

3. Print Journals

We also have the print equivalent of some journals. Current print journals are physically located at level 2 and bound journals (i.e. older issues) are at level 5 in the Lee Wee Nam Library. Many older issues of journals (especially before 1997) are still not available in digital format. Therefore it is good to know how to find print journals.

You can browse the journals shelves to see what are available. Or if you have a specific title in mind, find the call number and location via the Library Catalogue. Search using the journal title and selecting to search by JOURNAL TITLE from the drop down menu.

Important Note: Article titles are not searchable in the library catalogue. You can only search for the journal titles.

Recommended journal list

Below are my picks of journals related to Maritime Studies.


Click on the journal titles to launch the title.

  1. Maritime Economics and Logistics
  2. Maritime Policy and Management
  3. Logistics and Transportation Review
  4. Journal of Business Logistics
  5. Harvard Business Review
  6. Lloyd’s Shipping Economist
  7. Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
  8. TradeWinds
  9. Fairplay
  10. Transport Reviews

Print Journals

  1. Containerisation International
  2. Singapore Nautilus
  3. Ports & Harbors

Our AV collection consists of video cassettes, audio cassettes, LDs, VCDs, DVDs, audio CDs, music CDs, tapes, slides, maps as well as films. They are mainly located in the Business Library (BUSL) and the Art, Design & Media Library (ADML). Please note that undergraduates have to view the AV title within the library and at the AV viewing stations.

1. Searching AV titles

Use the Library Catalogue to search for AV titles.

Under “Format”, select “Audio-Visuals”


Or Under “Type”, select “Blu-ray Disc” or “DVD” and etc.


2. Selected AV titles

Below are some of my AV picks. Click on the titles to check availability in the Library.

  1. Extreme engineering [videorecording]: container ships
    Call No: VM393.C65E96
  2. Extreme engineering. Widening the Panama Canal [videorecording]
    Call No: TC773.E96
  3. Sea of opportunities [videorecording]
    Call No: HE885.S438
  4. NTU-BI maritime studies exchange programme [videorecording]
    Call No: LB2376.6.S55N961
  5. Making waves [videorecording]
    Call No: HE885.M235
  6. Maritime security [videorecording]: keeping ports safe
    Call No: HV6432.M342
  7. The felixstowe solution [videorecording]: the port
    Call No: D501445
  8. Maritime shipping knowledge [electronic resource]: [session 1-4]
    Call No:G304729
  9. DNV Shipping forum [electronic resource]
    Call No: HE885.D629
Web Resources

The maritime industry is a global industry covering finance, shipyards, regulators, port & services, insurance, unions & associations, operators and many others. There are numerous Internet resources relating or relevant to this industry. Below are some of my picks.

Content at a Glance

Shipping associations/unions
Classification Societies
Institutions of higher learning
Selected Conference proceedings and papers
Det Norske Veritas (DnV) Update
Arctic Shipping (North Sea Route)

Shipping associations/unions

  1. Baltic International Maritime Council (BIMCO). BIMCO Youtube Channel
  2. Intercargo ( International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners)
  3. Intertanko
  4. Singapore Shipping Association
  5. Association of Singapore Marines Industries
  6. Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union
  7. International Transport Workers’ Federation
  8. International Association of Classification Societies
  9. Singapore Organisation of Seamen
  10. Singapore National Shippers’ Council
  11. Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF)
  12. Singapore Maritime One
  13. Shanghai International Maritime Info
  14. The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)
  15. World Shipping Council (WSC)


  1. International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  2. Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

Classification Societies

  1. Lloyd’s Register (LR)
  2. Bureau Veritas (BV)
  3. Germanische Lloyd (GL)
  4. Det Norske Veritas (DnV)
  5. ABS
  6. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
  7. China Classification Society (CCS)

Institutions of higher learning

  1. International Association of Maritime Universities
  2. World Maritime University
  3. Shanghai Maritime University
  4. Australian Maritime College
  5. Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA), University of Antwerp
  6. Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  7. Vietnam Maritime University


  1. Shipping economist (by Lloyd’s List)
  2. Fearnleys Weekly (Note: check the box for subscription to Fearnleys Weekly. The user will be directed to a registration page)
  3. Singapore Nautilus

Selected conferences proceedings or papers

  1. MDS Transmodal
  2. Maritime Knowledge Shipping Series

Arctic Shipping or North Sea Route (NSR)

  1. Lloyd’s List takes a look at Arctic shipping and the countries involved in developing the region’s potential.
  2. Arctic Shipping – commercial opportunities and challenges. Jan 2016. By CBS Maritime
  3. Despite Global Warming Suez Canal will remain preferred shipping route in coming decades new study suggests. Feb 2016. From Arctic Institute
  4. Russia submits fresh claim for Arctic Shelf. Straits Times August 6, 2015

Reserves / RBR titles / Red-spot books are the textbooks for course modules recommended by lecturers.


Browsing the Reserves Collection

Reserve titles for Engineering and Science are located in the Reserves section at Level 3 of Lee Wee Nam Library. They are available for 2-hour loan using the self-service machine located within the Reserves section. Overdue fines for such loans are set at S$0.50 per hour.


Searching for Reserves

You can retrieve reserves titles via their course codes from the Library Catalogue as follows:

Go to the Library Catalogue:

  1. Click the Reserves tab on the top right-hand side
  2. Key in the course code
  3. Click on Lookup Items on Reserve by Course Number


Student Works

Maritime Studies (MS) Final Year Project Reports (except confidential reports) can be found in DR-NTU (Restricted Access). Log in using NTU network user name and password to view the full text.

The reports are located under School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE).

View the CEE Student Reports (FYP/IA/PA/PI) for a list of reports. When you see the search box below, enter your search terms and click ‘Go’.



Alternatively browse the collection by clicking author, title, subject (e.g. Engineering: Maritime Studies) or date.


Staff Publications

Digital Repository – NTU or DR-NTU (Open Access) aims to capture, store and preserve the scholarly output of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and make it available to the global research community. The journal articles and conference papers published by NTU faculty in the DR-NTU Open Access collection are searchable using internet search engines such as Google.

Staff Papers

Many publishers allow self archiving of publications in institutional repositories. You may refer to the copyright policies and archiving guidelines from Sherpa Romeo for more information on these publishers.

If you would like to submit your journal article or conference paper for inclusion into the CEE collection, please see the instructions about submissions to DR-NTU or contact your subject librarian.

View the current publications deposited into the DR-NTU from the NTU Engineering community.

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