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This Media Arts Subject Guide will cover the following media-intense disciplines:

  1. Digital animation focuses on rigging, stop-motion, visual effects, 2D Hand drawn animation and 3D Character animation.
  2. Digital filmmaking covers digital film production, editing, cinematography, directing, and theories on marketing & producing film.
  3. Interactive media deals with electronic, digital and computing technologies which are used to design interactive experiences, products, gadgets, multimedia performances, games and web systems.
  4. Photography & digital imaging is centred on history of photography, photo imaging, lighting, fashion photography, digital photo processes and black & white photography.

Topics/Course Guides

Final Year Projects (FYPs) – Digital Filmmaking

ADM Final Year Project reports for Digital Filmmaking are listed below by the years of FYP submissions. Individual reports can be accessed by clicking on the students' names, if available. Click here for the list of FYP films, available in the Library. Log in using...

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Graphically Novel @ Lee Wee Nam Library

An extension of the thematic display in Art, Design & Media Library, Graphically Novel  at Lee Wee Nam Library featured books from prominent graphic novellists & comic artists Here are the list of over 70 books that were displayed at the Lee Wee Nam Library Exhibition...

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Graphically Novel

The moving narratives of graphic novels or comics never fail to engross. From serious subject matters to lighter side of things, graphic novels and comics narrate stories visually through illustrations, making it an art form on its own. This unique form of...

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Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation is one of the most demanding art forms in the world. It requires a variety of skills, such as design, sculpting, metal work, mold making and casting, filmmaking, storytelling and acting. These titles on this animation technique which physically...

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Final Year Projects (FYPs) – Interactive Media

ADM Final Year Project reports for Interactive Media are listed below by the years of FYP submissions. Individual reports can be accessed by clicking on the students’ names, if available. Interactive Media Final Year Projects 2009 Catacly-Ism Wong Si Yuan Trivium Zhou...

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Resource guide for DM2002 – Sound Art

This guide highlights library resources to support your understanding of course material, and provides guidance for your independent research and reading. This guide will cover: Course reserves Journal articles/Conference proceedings Books on Sound Art Music...

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Resource guide for DM3003 – Interactive Spaces

This guide highlights library resources to support your understanding of course material, and provides guidance for your independent research and reading. This guide will cover: Course reserves Journal issues and articles Books on Interactive spaces...

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5-minute Guide to Infographics

The design of information is actually nothing new. From the earliest form of communication, i.wthe cave paintings done more than 37,000 years ago, to Egyptian hieroglyphics, to modern-day data visualisations, we have always been using some sort of graphical...

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Adding a third dimension to films has certainly revolutionized cinema, providing a completely immersive experience when watching 3-D films. Here are some selections of titles, from the history to the technical aspects of stereography, as well as successful 3-D films...

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Selected Resources


The range of media books spans photography, interactive media, film & animation. You can either BROWSE the book collection (which is arranged in systematic classified order) in the Library OR SEARCH the catalogue for a list of relevant books.


Browsing the Collection

We have a unique collection in the Art, Design & Media Library (ADML), our books are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification (LCC). For quick browsing among the stacks, please refer to the LCC subclasses listed in the table below.

Search Terms LC Class
Music M
Literature on music ML
Animated films – Drawing NC1765-1766
Production & Direction PN1992.93-PN1992.95
Motion Pictures PN1993-PN1999
Plays, Animated films – Scenarios PN1997-PN1997.85
Dramatic Representation, Theater PN2000-PN3307
Art of Acting PN2061-PN2071
Photography TR1 – TR835
Cinematography, Animation TR845-TR899
Photomechanical Processes TR925 – TR1050

Searching for Books

The Library Catalogue is the best place to start when looking or searching for books. You can find a list of books on a specific media subject by using appropriate subject headings in the SUBJECT field. Improve your search results with these Catalogue Tips.

Note: In our Library catalogue you can use an asterisk (*) as a “wild card” at the ends of words — for example: photo* would yield the keywords: photos, photograph, photography and photographer.

Select book lists by subject

  1. Music
  2. Literature on Music
  3. Production & Direction
  4. Motion Pictures
  5. Art of Acting
  6. Animated Films
  7. Animation
  8. Photography
  9. Cinematography
  10. Screenwriters
  11. Women in Motion Pictures
  12. Asians in Motion Pictures
  13. Motion Picture Industry
  14. Motion Picture Producers and Directors
  15. Director’s name as subject (example: Scorsese, Martin)
  16. Film star as subject (example: Chaplin, Charlie)

The following are examples of genre and thematic terms that can be used to search for books in our Library Catalogue: Feature films Short films Animated films Film adaptations Historical films Biographical films Documentary films War films Epic films Spy films Comedy films Western films Adventure films Samurai films Fantasy films Science fiction films Horror films Musical films Religious films Police films Star Wars films Superhero films

Recommended Books by Subjects

The following books are highly recommended for beginners to start reading.

Content at a Glance

Books on Animation Books on Film Books on Photography

Books on Animation

  1. The animator’s survival kit Author: Williams, Richard, 1933- Call No.: NC1765.W726 2009 + 1 CD
  2. The advanced art of stop-motion animation Author: Priebe, Ken A. Call No.: TR897.5.P948 + 1 CD
  3. Stop motion: passion, process and performance Author: Purves, Barry. Call No.: TR897.5.P986
  4. Animation art : from pencil to pixel, the history of cartoon, anime & CGI Author: Beck, Jerry. Call No.: NC1765.A598F
  5. Animation in process Author: Selby, Andrew. Call No.: TR897.5.S464 + 1 DVD

Books on Film

  1. Cinema: a visual anthropology Author: Gray, Gordon (Gordon T.) Call No.: GN347.G779
  2. What is film theory? : an introduction to contemporary debates Author: Rushton, Richard Call No.r: PN1995.R954
  3. The Guerilla film makers movie blueprint Author: Jones, Chris Call No.: PN1995.9.P7J76G
  4. Story: substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting Author: McKee, Robert Call No.: PN1996.M154
  5. Film and television: a guide to the reference literature Author: Emmons, Mark Call No. : Z5784.M9E54
  6. Writing, directing, and producing documentary films and videos Author: Rosenthal, Alan Call No.: PN1995.9.D6R815 2007

Books on Photography

  1. In the darkroom: an illustrated guide to photographic processes before the digital age Author: Kennel, Sarah. Call No.: TR350.K36
  2. The Photoshop elements 5 book for digital photographers Author: Kelby, Scott. Call No.: TR267.K29P
  3. An advanced guide to digital photography Author: Oliver, Vincent. Call No.: TR267.L45
  4. Complete guide to high dynamic range digital photography Author: McCollough, Ferrell. Call No.: TR267.M129
  5. The digital photography book : the step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros’! Author: Kelby, Scott. Call No. : TR267.K29D V1-V3
  6. Photography Publisher: Graphis, Inc. Call No.: TR690.4.P575
  7. Graphis photo Publisher: Graphis Press Corp. Call No.: TR690.G766


NTU Libraries collaborates with the Schools, student clubs and external organizations to dset up exhibitions in the Library. Along with the exhibits, books from te Library, related to the theme of the exhibitions are displayed. You may view the books listed by clicking on the poster icons below. If books are currently on display, click on the title and place a hold. We will inform you once you are able to collect the book! Darkroom Exhibition Poster_titleAdventure” is a darkroom exhibition featuring a collection of black and white photographs. The photographs were taken by NTU Photo-Videographic Society’s members in the NTU halls as well as during their overseas trips.

Thematic book displays

ADM Library periodically groups together and displays books on certain areas of interests or subjects. To view the list of books displayed during each display, click on the poster icons below. If books are currently on display, click on the title and place a hold. We will inform you once you are able to collect the book! A selection of books featuring production of animated films, displayed in ADM Library from 1 September to 30 September 2012.   Large for a reason A list of large books from ADM Library displayed from 1 October to 30 October 2012.   Influential Asian Photographers-for blogs Spurred by a professional photography association’s list of influential photographers, their works from the Library’s collection were displayed in March 2013.

We do not have a particular book? Recommend it to us!

Students can send an e-mail to with as much details about the item as possible – ‘Title’, ‘Author’/’editor’, ‘Place of Publication’, ‘Publisher’ or ‘Producer’, ‘Date of Publication’, ‘ISBN’, ‘Edition’ and ‘Price’. Staff can use StaffLink and recommend the books under Resource Request — Library Services — Book Recommendation. Or you can refer to New Title Recommendation for more details.


E-books or electronic books are the digital version of print books, designed to be read on a personal computer with Internet connection or on an e-book reader.


Browsing by E-book providers

The major providers of e-books on Media are organized alphabetically and listed below. Click on the titles to access. You may be asked to login with your NTU network username and password.

  1. Morgan & Claypool Publishers
  2. Safari Tech Books
  3. SpringerLink

E-books Collection

My Picks

  1. The Practical Zone System: for Film and Digital Photography Author: Johnson, Chris Call No.: TR591.J66P
  2. How Video Works Author: Weise, Marcus Call No.: TK9961.W427
  3. Synthesis Lectures on Computer Graphics and Animation Author: Series Editor and Affiliation: Brian A. Barsky
  4. Interactive Media: The Semiotics of Embodied Interaction Author: O’Neill, Shaleph
  5. Computer Graphics for Artists: An Introduction Author: Paquette, Andrew
  6. Computer Graphics for Artists II Author: Paquette, Andrew

Searching for books

Looking for a specific e-book title? You can look for specific e-book titles at the Library Catalogue by following the instructions at the E-books Page.

Reference Works

Reference books are important information tools for media studies. They can provide both general and specific descriptions of events and terminologies.


Content at a Glance

Dictionaries Encyclopedias Guides


Digital Filmmaking

Photography & Digital Imaging


Digital Animation

Digital Filmmaking

Photography & Digital Imaging


Digital Filmmaking

Photography & Digital Imaging


Databases offer information that are oftentimes more current than books. Below is a list of core and related databases that should aid in your assignments or presentations.


Core databases


  1. NTU Library subscribes is an online film library curates and streams films from Asia and the Pacific that are culturally and historically significant. The best way to access the collection is via the Library Catalogue. You can retrieve a list of all films available in our subscription here.

Film reviews and news

  1. Academic Search Premier via Ebscohost
  2. ABI/Inform via ProQuest
  3. Lexis/Nexis Academic

Computer animation and interactive media

  1. ACM Digital Library ACM Digital Library is a Computing portal providing access to a focused body of computing literature together with ACM’s specialized computing search terms. Some of the relevant magazines for ADM students are: Communications of the ACM, Computers in Entertainment and interactions.
  2. Eurographics Digital Library Eurographics Digital Library (also known as EG Digital Library) is published by Eurographics (EG) Association. It is a Europe-wide professional Computer Graphics association. The association supports its members in advancing the state of the art in Computer Graphics and related fields such as Multimedia, Scientific Visualization and Human Computer Interfaces.
  3. Online Animation Library With almost 4000 animated filmsOnline Animation Library is a comprehensive archive of animated films submitted to the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, founded in 1982. This quick guide will come in handy on exploring Online Animation Library.


  1. Camio Online CAMIO™ — RLG’s Catalog of Art Museum Images Online — is a growing online collection documenting works of art from around the world. Images, text and multimedia represent a broad range of works of art from the collections of prominent museums, highlighting the creative output of cultures around the world, from prehistoric to contemporary times, and covering the complete range of expressive forms. The database contains photographs, prints, sculpture, paintings & decorative arts. View its information page.


  1. Alexander Street Press (Music Online) Music Online is a new search tool that lets you cross-search the Alexander Street audio, video, scores, and full-text music reference collections. The full suite of music collections comprises the broadest and most comprehensive resource available for the study of classical, jazz, world, and American music. View its information page.

Art Related databases

  1. JSTOR JSTOR (Journal Storage) provides full-text searches of digitized back issues of several hundred well-known journals. It allows you to look up art or art-related subjects by using a keyword search or by simply browsing the discipline (i.e. Photography) or title or publisher (of journals). View its information page.
  2. Project Muse Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to scholarly publishers. Again it is possible to browse the journals by discipline or subject headings for articles. View its information page.

The Library subscribes to many periodical titles in print format. Some of these periodicals titles are also available in electronic format. There are a couple of ways to look for journal articles at the library:


1. NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z List

If you have a specific journal in mind, always try to find the electronic copy in the NTU Library Subscribed E-journals A-to-Z list first. There are four ways to search the A-to-Z list:

  1. Browse the index of e-journal providers (if you are familiar with the journal publishers like Wiley, Elsevier and etc.)
  2. Search for titles subscribed by the library. E-journal title search can be ‘Title Name’, ‘Publisher Name’, ‘ISSN’, ‘Subjects’ or all of the above
  3. Browse by subjects
  4. Browse a list of free e-journals

The search result will present the databases that the journal can be found in and the period covered. Next, click on the database title to proceed.

Recommended E-Journals

  1. Movies & Entertainment Industry Profile: Global This is an information resource on key vertical markets. This industry profile identifies market size, competitive landscape and provides forecast data of market performance.
  2. Cinema Journal Cinema Journal is sponsored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and represents recent scholarship by SCMS members. The Society for Cinema and Media Studies, founded in 1959, is the largest professional organization of moving image media scholars.
  3. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Computer Animation & Virtual Worlds is the first journal to address this global thematic of the Virtual Worlds. This thematic has been subdivided into six areas: Computer animation, Embodied agents, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality and Virtual Life and Visualization.

Browse E-Journals by Discipline

  1. E-Journals in Film
  2. E-Journals in Photography

Recommended E-Journals by Discipline

Animation/Digital Film
  1. Animation
  2. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds
  3. Film Criticism
  4. Journal of Film and Video
  5. Journal of Popular Film and Television
  6. Quarterly Review of Film and Video
  1. History of Photography
  2. Studio & Location Photography
  3. Studio Photography: The Business Behind the Image

2. Databases

If you do not have a specific journal in mind and just want to search on a specific subject or topic, use databases relevant to media instead.

3. Periodicals

We also have the print equivalent of some journals. Current periodicals are located beside the E-Payment kiosk (turn right once you enter ADM Library) and bound periodicals (i.e. older issues) are located beside the Reference book shelves in the black area of Art, Design & Media Library. You can browse the shelves to see what are available. Moreover, many older issues of journals are yet to be available in digital format. Therefore, it is good to know how to find them. If you have a specific title in mind, do check its availability via the Library Catalogue. Search using the journal title and selecting to search by ‘Journal Title’ from the drop down menu. Important Note: Articles titles are not searchable in the library catalogue. You can only search for the journal titles.

Recommended Periodicals


  1. 3D World Call No.: TK7882.I6D111 Frequency: Monthly The main attraction is a high-quality printed magazine, full of news, inspiration and practical advice about 3D graphics.
  2. Animation Magazine Call No.: NC1766.U5A598 Frequency: Monthly Animation Magazine is a monthly publication covering the animation industry, including different reviews about film and television animation, visual effects and video games.


  1. American Cinematographer Call No.: TR845.A512 Frequency: Monthly American Cinematographer magazine is the premier journal of motion picture film and digital production techniques.
  2. Cinema Journal Call No.: PN1993.C574C Frequency: Quarterly Cinema Journal features articles on film studies, television studies, media studies, visual arts, cultural studies, film and media history, and moving image studies.
  3. Screen International Call No.: PN1993.5.G7S433 Frequency: Monthly Screen International is first with all the film industry news, whether it’s the latest on film piracy, the biggest box office earners or the next film festival. Get unrivalled analysis and commentary on what the latest developments mean for you, the future of your business and the film industry.
  4. Sight and Sound Call No.: PN1993.S575 Frequency: Monthly Sight & Sound is the international film magazine that offers a unique insight into the very best of film culture.
  5. Cinefex Call No.: TR858.C574 Frequency: Quarterly Cinefex is a magazine devoted to motion picture visual effects.


  1. The British Journal of Photography Call No.: TR1.B862 Frequency: Weekly A photography magazine for professional photographers. Includes images, reviews, weekly news, competitions and etc.
  2. PDN (Photo District News) Call No.: TR690.P348 Frequency: Monthly This professional photography magazine covers photo news and the best news photos.

Art, Design & Media (ADM) Library houses about 5,000 AV titles. The library has an extensive collection of feature films, documentaries, TV series, tutorials, music and etc. Audio-visual materials are also available at Business Library & Communication & Information Library. The library’s collection include 3-D films and 3-D viewing facilities are available in ADM Library’s Viewing Corner which can be booked in the NTU Library Facilities Booking System.


Recommended AV Materials

Digital Animation

  1. Gnomon Workshop Training Series
  2. Digital Tutors Training Series
  3. The Animator’s Survival Kit Call No.: TR897.5.W726 2008
  4. The Animation Show Call No.: PN1997.5.A598
  5. Stash Call No.: TR897.5.S796
  6. Exploring Drawing for Animation Call No.: NC1765.H453
  7. The Animal Motion Show: A Visual Reference for Artists Call No.: QP301.A598 VOL.1 DISCS 1-2
  8. ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review SIGGRAPH Video Review is the world’s most widely circulated video-based publication. Since 1979, SIGGRAPH Video Review has illustrated the latest concepts in computer graphics and interactive techniques. With more than one hundred programs available, it provides an unequalled opportunity to study advanced computer graphics theory and applications.SIGGRAPH Video Review is the primary instrument for academic publishing and distribution of new work in the field of computer graphics and an important resource tool for scientists, engineers, mathematicians, artists, filmmakers and other computer graphics professionals
    1. ACM SIGGRAPH Animation Theater Program , Association for Computing Machinery Call No.: T385.S575
    2. ACM SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Program, Association for Computing Machinery Call No.: T385.S575
  9. Stash, Stash Media Call No.: TR897.5.S796 It contain the Video Library of Animation, VFX and motion graphics from Stash Media
  10. Animation videos by Marc Spess He is an animator, sculptor, author and creator of the web’s most visited clay and top motion web page
  11. Principles of motion DVDs The collections of the Principles of Motion (POM) DVD’s are created by professional animators to provide an innovative reference medium for aspiring animators. Each module allows animators to explore the different aspects of real-life movements through an interactive learning experience.

Digital Filmmaking

  1. How to Pitch & Sell your Screenplay Call No.: PN1996.H847
  2. How to make a Hollywood caliber Movie on a budget of next to nothing Call No.: PN1995.9.P7H847H
  3. How to make a Hollywood caliber Movie on a budget of next to nothing: Producer’s Notebook Call No.: PN1995.9.P7H847H
  4. Make your own damn movie! Call No.: PN1995.9.P7M235
  5. Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art ASPECT Magazine meets a unique demand in current arts publications by publishing in a multimedia format that allows the original works of artists to be seen by other students and artists working in new media art around the world. The audio commentary accompanying each track heightens the magazine’s educational value by providing a catalyst for discussion and interaction with the works. In this way, ASPECT provides those working in media art with access to their contemporaries’ work and a critical take on the work to help contextualize it within the art world as a whole from

Photography & Digital Imaging

  1. The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting Call No.: TR590.B561B DISCS 1-4
  2. Image Restoration, Repair & Enhancement Call No.: T385.E36R
  3. Tilting at: the Work of Jan Groover Call No.: TR140.G7T581
  4. Portrait Photography for Everyone Call No.: T385.P853 + 1 CD-ROM
  5. Essential Post Production Call No.: T385.E78P
  6. Contacts Call No.: TR650.C759
Web Resources

Here are some selected web resources on Media.


Content at a Glance

Digital Animation Digital Filmmaking Art News and Archives Online Videos & Audio Online Film Reviews Licensing and Copyright Photography Other Web Resources

Digital Animation

  1. CartoonHub This site is the world’s largest electronic archive of cartoons with over 90,000 images. The collection of British cartoons is mainly social and political in nature. A guide to other similar holdings of archives and galleries is also included in the site.
  2. Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery This site is a commercial site that buys and sells animation art. It also includes an Animation Art Gallery ranging from modern to vintage animation art.

Digital Filmmaking

  1. Cinema Sites This site is an index of Movie and TV resources by a film industry professional.
  2. Media and Communications Study Site, University of Wales This site contains a list of useful links for numerous topics in media studies.
  3. Criticine An online publication dedicated to pushing forth intelligent discourse on Southeast Asian cinema
  4. Internet Movie Database Collection of movie information containing pertinent details about movies, including trivias, film locations, review and fan site links.
  5. Internet Movie Script Database Largest movie script resource on the web, including scripts from latest Hollywood releases.
  6. Story is Supreme Robert McKee’s Story Structure is the world’s ultimate story and screenwriting class because it effectively demonstrates the relationship between Story Design and Character. Using examples from over 100 films, Robert McKee demonstrates that structure and design are about form and principles, that structure is not plot, rigid rules, formulas or “Hollywood” movies.

Art News and Archives

  1. ArtDaily The first Art Newspaper on the Internet.
  2. The Art NewsPaper
  3. News in Film
  4. The Asian Film Archive This is a non-governmental organization founded to preserve the rich film heritage of Singapore and Asian Cinema, to encourage scholarly research on film, and to promote a wider critical appreciation of this art form.
  5. Film collections of Centre of South Asian Studies
  6. All Movies guide
  7. Film Journal International
  8. National Museum of Photography, Film and Television
  9. Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA)

Online Videos & Audio

  1. BBC Academy – courses and online training for broadcast and new media
  2. Photography lighting techniques: lighting for portrait photography Bowers Photography. “Photography lighting techniques : portrait photography.” 17 October 2008. Online video clip on YouTube. Accessed on 03 Dec 2010.
  3. Portrait lighting using an umbrella vs a softbox The Studio Coach. ” Portrait lighting using an umbrella vs. a softbox.” 17 June 2009. Online video clip on YouTube. Accessed on 03 December 2010.
  4. British Library Sounds An extensive selection of unique sound recordings of music, spoken word and human and natural environments
  5. Culture Unplugged An online film festival featuring streaming documentary films exploring various aspects of social issues. The films adopt various styles of documentary filmmaking such as cinéma vérité, direct cinema or documentary mode.

Online Film Reviews

  1. Rotten Tomatoes Rotten Tomatoes is a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of films, most widely known as a film review aggregator. Its name derives from the cliché of audiences throwing tomatoes and other vegetables at a poor stage performance.
  2. MetaCritic MetaCritic is a website that collates reviews of music albums, games, movies, TV shows and DVDs. For each product, a numerical score from each review is obtained and the total is averaged. An excerpt of each review is provided along with a hyperlink to the source. Three colour codes of Green, Yellow and Red summarize the critic’s recommendation. This gives an idea of the general appeal of the product among reviewers and, to a lesser extent, the public.
  3. Online Film Critics Society (OFCS) The Online Film Critics Society (OFCS) is a professional association for film critics to publish their reviews, interviews and essays on the Internet.The OFCS was founded in 1997. Its membership includes writers for such film-related websites as Apollo Guide, DVD Savant,, The Moving Arts Film Journal,, FilmFocus, Film Threat, The Internet Movie Database, and Slant Magazine. Information gathered from Wikipedia.

Licensing and Copyright

  1. Motion Picture Association of America The Motion Picture Association is the international counterpart of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) which serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries. Today, these associations represent not only the world of theatrical film, but also serve as leaders and advocates for major producers and distributors of entertainment programming for television, cable, home video and future delivery systems not yet imagined.
  2. Motion Picture Licensing Company For over 20 years, the MPLC has been regarded as a leading source of copyright information as well as provider of the Umbrella Licence for non-commercial movie exhibitions.
  3. Media Development Authority (Licensing) MDA issues licenses in line with various public and business needs.


  1. BBC Genius of Photography “Genius of Photography” is a six-part documentary series that features some of the most famous photographs ever taken and the stories behind those photographs. The featured photographs and corresponding clips from the episodes are available in this website.
  2. National Geographic Photography Besides featuring photographs on nature, travel and people, “National Geographic Photography” also provides tips for photographers and photographer’s galleries and biographies.

Other Web Resources

  1. Academy Award The Academy Award (informally known as the Oscar) is an accolade by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors, and writers. The formal ceremony at which the awards are presented is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in the world and is televised live in more than 200 countries annually. It is also the oldest award ceremony in the media; its equivalents, the Grammy Awards (for music), Emmy Awards (for television), and Tony Awards (for theatre) are modelled after the Academy. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself was conceived by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio boss Louis B. Mayer.The 1st Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16, 1929, at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to honor outstanding film achievements of the 1927–1928 film season. It was hosted by actor Douglas Fairbanks and director William C. deMille. The 82nd Academy Awards ceremony, honouring the best in film for 2009, was held on March 7, 2010, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, with actors Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting the ceremony. Information gathered from Wikipedia.
  2. EBU TECHNICAL – your reference in media technology and innovation The EBU is the collective organisation of Europe’s 75 national broadcasters. EBU’s technology arm is known as ‘EBU TECHNICAL’. Together with EBU Members, it represents a unique and influential network in the media world.
  3. Making the Movie This offers filmmaking tips, resources, reviews, news and links.
  4. The Making Of: Behind the Scenes This provides an inside look at how entertainment is created. It’s the first and only place to find the latest behind-the-scenes movie content – both original and studio produced.
  5. Criticine Criticine provides intelligent discourse about Southeast Asian cinema, from writers within or specializing in the region, paying special critical attention to independent cinema, underground cinema and short filmmaking. It serves to highlight the dynamic and vital forms of cinema within the region often ignored by the mainstream media. The website includes news, reviews of films, books, festivals, conferences, features and interviews: critical and thought-provoking articles that tackle head on important issuses, personalities, and trends.

Reserve / RBR titles / Red-spot books & videos are the recommended textbooks & videos for your course modules selected by your lecturers.


Accessing the Reserves Collection

Reserve book titles for Art, Design & Media are located in the Reserves shelves behind the Service Desk of the Art, Design & Media Library. They are each marked for two hours loan. Borrow them with your student card at the Service Desk. Please do return them on time as overdue fines are set at S$0.50 per hour. Reserved AV materials are marked as “Circulates for 4 hours only” in the Library Catalogue as shown below. You may borrow these AV materials at the AV reserves shelves and view them at the viewing facilities of Art, Design & Media (ADM) Library. AV reserves

Searching for Reserves

You can retrieve Reserves titles via their Course Codes from the Library Catalogue.

    1. Go to the Library Catalogue:
    2. Click the Reserves tab on the top right-hand side
    3. Key in the course code
    4. Click Lookup Items on Reserve by Course Number

as seen below: Search reserves

A list of reserve books & audio-visual materials is also available at the Reserves shelves.

Student Works

Final Year Projects

The Library collects Final Year Projects (FYPs) in the Digital Repository (DR-NTU) Restricted Access) including FYPs from School of Art, Design & Media’s (ADM). Below are collections of ADM Final Year Project reports listed by the four majors of media arts. Click on the respective major to view the list of FYPs.



 Library Update #3.fw

adm-fyp-photography Log in using your NTU network user name and password to open view the full report.

Searching for Final Year Projects

Visit the Collection Page of ADM Student Reports (FYP/IA/PA/PI), as shown below to search for finaly year reports. Enter your search terms and click ‘Go’. Or browse by ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘subject’ and ‘date’.

Staff Publications

The publications of NTU faculty consisting of journal articles and conference papers are available in the Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Open Access). This collection is searchable in Google.

ADM Staff Papers

View the ADM staff papers.

For faculty staff

Many publishers allow self archiving of publications in institutional repositories. Do refer to the copyright policies and archiving guidelines from Sherpa Romeo with regards to submitting articles in Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Open Access).

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