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This guide was created to support the course HW0221 – Essay Writing : Crafting an Argument.

This guide was created to support the course HW0201 – Research Writing for Social Sciences.


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Selected Resources


Browsing the collection

NTU Libraries, like many major academic libraries in the world, use the Library of Congress Classification System for call numbers. This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to arrange materials by subjects. Therefore, you can often find several helpful books on the same shelf, or nearby.

You can browse the main Philosophy book collection at the Humanities & Social Sciences Library. Below is a selective listing of topics which may be of interest to you.

Subject LC Class
Aesthetics BH39 – BH301
Alexandrian and Early Christian Philosophy B630 – B708
Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy B108 – B118; B165 – B626
Business Ethics-General Works HF5387
Chinese Philosophy and Religion B121 – B129; BL1802 – BL1974
Environmental Ethics GE42
Ethics BJ1 – BJ1725
Hinduism BL1100 – BL1295
Indian Philosophy B130 – B161
Logic BC11 – BC199
Mathematical Logic QA9
Medical Ethics-General Works R724
Medieval Philosophy B720 – B765
Metaphysics. Epistemology. Ontology BD95 – BD131; BD143 – BD238; BD300 – BD460
Modern Philosophy B790 – B4695
Renaissance Philosophy B770 – B785
Speculative Philosophy-General Works BD10 – BD41
Social Philosophy H61.15
Philosophy of Religion BL51; BL239 – BL240
Philosophy of Science Q174 – Q175.32
Philosophy of Technology T14

Searching for books

You can also search for books using our Library Catalogue. Enter any appropriate subject terms in “subject” field to retrieve all books under that subject category. Subject headings describe the key contents of a book. Hence, narrowing your search by “subject” helps to improve the accuracy and efficiency of searching.

Check out our Catalogue Tips to find out how you can further improve your search results.

Selected book lists by subject

Here’s a list of topics which may be of interest to you. Click on them for a quick scan of the collection.

  1. Chinese Philosophy
  2. American Philosophy
  3. Ancient Philosophy
  4. Continental Philosophy
  5. Philosophy, Science

The library does not have a particular book? Recommend it to us!

Students can send an e-mail to with as much details about the item as possible – Title, Author/editor, Place of publication, Publisher or producer, Date of publication, ISBN, Edition and Price.

Staff can use Staff Link. Under Resource Request — Library Services —Book Recommendation. Refer to New Title Recommendation for more details.


E-books brings convenience and flexibility to learning. You can access them anywhere 24/7 be it on campus or from the comfort of your own home.

Browsing the collection

E-book collections relevant to students studying Philosophy include:

  1. Early English Books Online (EEBO)
    EEBO contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700. Anyone doing research in the field of literature, philosophy, history, gender studies, mathematics, just to name a few, would benefit from this collection.
  2. Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) Collections I and II
    Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) Collections I and II is a collection of digital facsimile page images of 180,000 titles published in the English language between 1701 and 1800, based on the English Short Title Catalogue. Significant contemporary foreign language works published in the British empire are included. Works include books, pamphlets, essays, sermons, broadsides etc. Subject areas covered include History, Geography, Social Sciences, Medicine, Science, Technology, Literature, Religion, Philosophy, and Law.

Other E-book Collections

We have a range of e-encyclopedias and e-dictionaries too!
To view these reference works, click on the “Reference Works” tab.

Searching for e-books

Looking for a specific e-book title?

You can search for e-books using the Library Catalogue. Follow the instructions at the E-books Page. Alternatively, a step-by-step instruction is available in IFAQ.

Reference Works


  1. The Cambridge Foucault lexicon
    Leonard Lawlor
    Call No.: B2430.F724C178c
  2. The Routledge dictionary of philosophy
    Michael Proudfoot
    Call No.: B41.P968
  3. The Blackwell dictionary of modern social thought [e-resource]
    William Outhwaite


  1. The encyclopedia of political thought [e-resource]
    Michael T. Gibbons
  2. Encyclopedia of aesthetics [Second edition] [e-resource]
    Michael Kelly
  3. Encyclopedia of social theory
    George Ritzer
    Call No.: HM425.E56 V1 & HM425.E56 V2
  4. Encyclopedia of Chinese philosophy = Zhongguo zhe xue
    Antonio S. Cua
    Call No.: B126.E56
  5. Key concepts in Eastern Philosophy
    Oliver Leaman
    Call No.: B121.L436

 Online Resources

  1. SEP (Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy)
  2. IEP (Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy)


  1. Oxford Bibliographies OnlineOxford Bibliographies offers authoritative research guides. For each topic there is an article with an introduction written by a top scholar in the field and an authoritative guide to the current scholarship with original commentary and annotations by top scholars. To access its guides on Philosophy, do a keyword search or select “Philosophy” under the section “Browse by Subject”.
  2. Oxford Handbooks OnlineIt provides over 500 handbook titles in 14 subject areas. To access handbooks on Philosophy, do a keyword search or select “Philosophy” under the section “Browse by Subject”.
  3. Oxford ReferenceIt includes over 1 million entries across 25 subject areas, offering quick reference information together with in-depth articles by world-famous authors. To view entries on Philosophy, do a keyword search or select “Philosophy” under the section “Explore by Subject”.
  4. Cambridge Histories OnlineIt provides access to over 300 volumes of the Cambridge Histories series published since 1960. It covers 15 different subjects. To access books on Philosophy, do a keyword search or select “Philosophy” from its landing page.


Searching for Reference Works

Reference works can be found by using the Library Catalogue. A step-by-step instruction is available in IFAQ.


A database contains a collection of electronic information resources that can be accessed on and off campus via the Internet. You may be required to log in with your NTU username and password. Some useful databases are compiled below. Click on the database titles to access.

  1. Philosopher’s Index (via EBSCOHost)
    The Philosopher’s Index is a bibliographic database that also provides author-written abstracts in all major areas of philosophy. More than 540,000 records are drawn from over 1600 publications and include print and electronic journals, books, anthologies, contributions to anthologies, and book reviews.
  2. PhilPapers: Philosophical Research Online
    PhilPapers is an indexing service maintained by a community of philosophers. The index is supplemented by an open access archive. There are links to extant online content and friendly categorisation to help with searching.
  3. JSTOR
    JSTOR is a full-text database that offers retrospective access to journal articles, in some cases, dating back to the 1800s. Another unique feature of JSTOR is that it displays images, graphs and charts that were originally presented in the article (unlike databases which only preserves the text). However, JSTOR does not offer access to the most recent articles published.
  4. Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  5. Arts & Humanities Citation Index is a multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and the humanities. The index provides access to bibliographic information and cited references. It is also searchable by keyword, author and citation. This database is part of the Web of Science set of citation indexes.
  6. ProQuest Digital Dissertations & Theses
    The Dissertation Abstracts database is the single, authoritative source of doctoral dissertations and master’s theses from over 1,000 accredited North American graduate schools and European universities.
  7. Project Muse
    Project Muse is a multidisciplinary database created for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
  8. Oxford English Dictionary Online
    It provides information on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is useful for checking the meaning and usage of words from past to present.


To view databases which offer reference works on Philosophy, click on the “Reference Work” tab.


Journals are a great source for academic discussion on specific topics. Students can strengthen their term paper by citing sources from these scholarly journals. Here are some journal titles recommended by your lecturers. Click on the link to view the journal description and access the journal articles.

Faculty Picks

  1. Analysis
  2. Asian Philosophy
  3. Australasian Journal of Philosophy
  4. Contemporary Buddhism
  5. Contemporary Chinese Thought
  6. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 
  7. Early China
  8. Erkenntnis
  9. Frontiers of Philosophy in China
  10. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 
  11. The Journal of Philosophy
  12. Philosophical Topics
  13. The Monist
  14. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
  15. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society
  16. Philosophical Quarterly (Wiley)
  17. The Philosophical Quarterly
  18. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
  19. Philosophical Studies
  20. Philosophical Review
  21. Philosophy East & West 
  22. Mind
  23. Nous
  24. Philosophy Compass
  25. T’oung Pao

Going Beyond the Lists

There are thousands of e-journal titles in the Library. You can BROWSE or SEARCH for more journal titles with the NTU Library Subscribed E-journals: A to-Z List.


Audio-visuals provide an alternative and fun way of understanding a subject.

My Picks

  1. The birth of the modern mind [videorecording] : an intellectual history of the 17th and 18th century
    Alan Charles Kors
    Call No.: B801.K85 DISCS (4 discs)
  2. Great minds of the western intellectual tradition [videorecording]
    Darren Staloff
    Call No.: B29.G786 DISC (14 discs)
  3. The mind of Noam Chomsky [videorecording]
    Noam Chomsky
    Call No.: P85.C47M663 (1 disc)


Locating AV titles

Here is a step-by-step instruction guide to search for AV titles in the library catalogue.

Web Resources

Other than library subscribed resources, quality web resources will also help greatly in your learning and research of philosophical topics.

Recommended Web Resources

  1. Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyThis is a free online encyclopedia created by Stanford University.
  2. Internet Encyclopedia of PhilosophyThis is a free online encyclopedia founded by Dr James Fieser, a professor of philosophy at the University of Tennessee at Martin.
  3. Project GutenbergProject Gutenberg started off as a community project to share contents of public domain books. It contains quite a number of classic philosophy texts.
  4. The Internet Classics ArchiveThe Internet Classics Archive contains 441 classic works including philosophy texts.

Reserves or commonly referred to as red-spot books or RBR (recommended book room) titles refers to the list of core readings recommended by your course lecturers.

Browsing the Reserves collection

Reserve titles for Philosophy are located at the Library Outpost. They can only be borrowed for 2 hours.

Searching for Reserves

You can retrieve Reserves titles via their Course Codes from the Library Catalogue.

Go to the Library Catalogue:

  1. Click the Reserves tab on the top
  2. Key in the course code
  3. Click Lookup Items on Reserve by Course Number


A quick glance

View the entire list of reserved titles held at the Humanities & Social Sciences Library. This list includes recommended book titles for almost all the courses conducted at The School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Student Works

You can access HSS students’ reports in our Digital Repository, DR-NTU (Restricted Access). The collection comprises of Final Year Project (FYP), Industrial Attachment (IA), Professional Attachment (PA) and Professional Internship (PI).

Please note that these reports are stored in the restricted collection . You will need to log in using your NTU network user name and password to view the full text.

View the Collection Page of the HSS Student Reports. Enter your search terms and click Go. Or browse by author, title, subject and date. Here’s a peek at the search interface:


Staff Publications

The Library collects, indexes and preserves full text articles published by our staff in the Digital Repository (Open Access). The main objective is to promote the scholarly output of the University to the global research community. The papers deposited in this repository are also indexed by Google and therefore searchable to the public.

HSS Staff Papers

We encourage research staff to deposit their research papers with us in the DR-NTU Open Access. Many publishers now allow the self-archiving of publications in institutional repositories. Copyright policies and archiving guidelines from Sherpa Romeo let you know whether the journals or publishers that you are working with allow self-archiving.

If you would like to submit your journal article or conference paper for inclusion into the HSS collection, please see the instructions about submissions to DR-NTU or contact me.

Browse through the current submissions to the DR-NTU from HSS.

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