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Have you ever wondered how early Singapore is like? Or are you looking for images or information on buildings or things that are lost in Singapore? Here is a list of recommended resources that you may look into:



Independence : the history of graphic design in Singapore since the 1960s
Zhuang, Justin.
The Design Society, 2012
Singapore: a pictorial history 1819 – 2000
Liu, Gretchen
Archipelago Press in association with the National Heritage Board, 1999
Singapore: 500 postcards
Cheah, Jin Seng
Editions Didier Millet, 2006
Singapore historical postcards: From the National Archives collection
National Archives (Singapore)
Times Editions-Marshall Cavendish, 2005, c1986
Singapore through 19th century photographs
Toh, Jason
Editions Didier Millet, c2009
No-Image-Available Singapore rediscovered: a visual documentation of early Singapore
National Museum (Singapore)
The Museum, c1983



Old Places [videorecording]
Tan, Royston
Objectifs Films, 2011
Old romances [videorecording]
Tan, Royston
Objectifs Films, c2012
Note: This is the sequel to the documentary, “Old Places”.


Other Sources

screenhunter_02-jan-06-17-25 Archives Online by National Archives of Singapore
You may use their search engine to search for photos, maps and plans, AV recordings and history interview samplers dating back to the 17th century, across the National Heritage Board (NHB) independent databases.
screenhunter_01-jan-06-17-24 Mosaic Memories: Remembering the playgrounds Singapore Grew up in
This is an e-book written by Justin Zhuang as part of The Singapore Memory Project. It provides a comprehensive insight of old playgrounds in Singapore.
PictureSG by National Library Board (NLB)
This is a collection of photographs and artworks on Singapore, donated to NLB. It contains a lot of photographs of lost things and buildings, even back to the 1800s, across different categories.
Remember Singapore Blog
This is a personal blog that collect pictures and photographs of Singapore’s forgotten or lost places, landmarks, memories and identities.
A platform that allows every Singaporean to own a memory account to deposit their memories and stories. Memories can be deposited in the form of texts, audio files, video files or images.


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