New Nylon 12 Plant in Singapore 2014

Singapore is selected as the new site location  by Evonik Industries for nylon (polyamides) 12 plant, a specialty polymer used to make automotive brake and fuel lines.

“The company announced the decision as it attempts to recover from a plant explosion that has severely limited supplies of the polymer.” The new plant will hopefully address growing demand for Asian markets in addition to meet global consumptions. Perhaps this move will also boost the other related industries¬† such as car manufacturer, electrical and electronic manufacturers in the region.

“The Singapore plant will have 20,000 metric tons of annual capacity and should be completed in 2014, Evonik says. The company currently makes nylon 12 in Marl, Germany.”

Full details is available at CEN, subscribed by NTU Library.

Press release by Evonik is also available online.

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