Top 10 Journals in Sociology

Thomson Reuters has just released the latest edition 2011 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) – a resource that allows you to evaluate, compare and rank journals based on citation data.

Listed below are the Top 10 Journals in Sociology ranked by Impact Factor 2011. Click on any of the journal titles, login with your NTU network account to access the full-text of the journals.

  1. Annual Review of Sociology
  2. American Sociological Review
  3. Annals of Tourism Research
  4. American Journal of Sociology
  5. Sociological Methodology
  6. Social Networks
  7. Gender & Society
  8. Population and Development Review
  9. Politics & Society
  10. Journal of Marriage and Family

Source: 2011 Journal Citation Reports Social Sciences Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2012)

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