Walking away from the American Chemical Society

To be very frank, this is something I have little knowledge about—in terms of subject matter and also operational aspects such as managing subscriptions. It is however not difficult to find out just how influential American Chemical Society (www.acs.org) is. A search through 2011 Journal Citation Reports show that American Chemical Society publishes highly ranked journals. In the area of Multidisciplinary Chemistry, the highest ranked journal based on impact factor is Chemical Reviews (impact factor: 40.197). The journal that ranks third is Accounts of Chemical Research (impact factor: 21.640); both journals are published by ACS.

Blogging about this is a form of support for Jenica Rogers, Director of Libraries at the State University of New York at Potsdam. It takes courage to do what she has done and I don’t think it is easy on her at all. It is indeed refreshing to have a librarian who is “willing to be the first to be loud, and to provide you with a public example of what is possible”.
Read Jenica’s post: Walking away from the American Chemical Society

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