Welcome Year 1 students. This site will feature e-learning modules based on ‘successful search strategies’. As year 1 students, you require basic search, writing and citation management skills. These e-learning modules have been customised to cater to your learning needs in alignment to your Year 1 MBBS curriculum.

Each module covers content that will address the ‘What is…?’ and the ‘How to…?’ to enhance your BASIC search, writing and citation management skills

Here are the following e-learning modules for you to complete.

  • Module 1: Crafting good search strategies
  • Module 2: Conducting good literature search in Medicine
  • Module 3: Exploring grey literature in Medicine and use of Google Scholar


  1. Use the URL sent to your student email to access the e-learning module
  2. Read the content presented for each module
  3. Complete the quiz assigned in each module
  4. At the end of each module, you can print your certificate of participation

Best wishes!