OneSearchOneSearch is a single search interface that allow users to search across most (but not all!) of the library’s information resources. Results returned from the search will be ranked by relevance, regardless of the type or format. Filters are provided to help narrow down searches.

Resources covered by OneSearch include books and other physical materials, e-books, articles published in journals, magazine and newspapers as wells as other documents and publications, including those in the digital repository.

In addition, by creating an account with OneSearch, you are able to save your search history and preferences, as well as use folders to store and organise your research.

However, do note that a search run with OneSearch is sensitive: it searches broadly to provide many results, not all of them may be as relevant to what you are looking for. If you prefer a more specific and comprehensive search, use the subject databases subscribed by the library to obtain your materials instead.

There are two ways of searching for content using OneSearch: basic and advanced.

Basic Search using OneSearch
  1. Access OneSearch at or from the NTU Library’s site.
  2. Type in your keyword into the search bar. Aside from keywords you may also search by title or author. Click “Search” to begin.onesearch_01
  3. Filter your results using the limiters on the left hand-side of the results page. You can filter using the following:
    • Availability (In catalogue/Full text)
    • Date of publication
    • Source types (Journals, Reviews, Conference materials etc.)
    • Location in NTU Library/DR-NTU Collection
    • Publication/journal title
    • Subject
    • Publisher
    • Content Provider/Databaseonesearch_03onesearch_04
Advanced Search using OneSearch
  1. Access OneSearch at
  2. Click “Advanced Search”, located below the search bar.onesearch_06
  3. Key in your keywords into the search bar. You may choose to select the appropriate field from the drop-down menu.onesearch_02
  4. You may use the additional search bars to further specify your search. You may also select the appropriate boolean operators provided.
  5. Before you click search, you may want to consider using the search options below the search bars. Some of these are similar to the limiters provided in the left-side bar of the results page.onesearch_05