You have reached the final year of your MBBS programme. During this period of time, you are strongly encouraged to continue in medical writing and contribute your scholarly works in our DR-NTU repository and other medical journal submission platforms. The key element for Year 5 students is to write publications as a continuity of building your clinical/medical educator portfolio. This attempt will be useful when you graduate and enter Year 1 residency at the attached hospital. 

During your course of study, you will be posted for overseas electives and clinical attachments. Students are encouraged to reach out to our medical librarians if they require further assistance on publication matters. Simply, drop us an e-mail at or contact us at 6592 1990.

ACTIVITY 1: Let us know your research needs better

Complete this survey questionnaire developed for Year 5 students. Your feedback will help us evaluate and understand your research needs.


Imagine you’re left with limited options for online access to use medical databases from clinical sites when located in overseas clinical sites…

What do you do?

Here are some options for you…

  • Approach the hospital ‘s medical library you are attached to get WiFi connection and temporary access to all library information resources. Request for services to for your laptop/IT device to be configured for VPN or proxy access.
  • Log in to our NTU library website using  VPN to have access for all library resources.
  • Download medical mobile applications for convenient use when out stationed from hospital libraryFree Apps (iTunes & Android)
    • MedScape
    • PubMed On Tap
    • PubMed On Tap Lite
    • PubMed Plus
    • UpToDate (iTunes)
    • Access Medicine
    • Micromedex
    • OvidToday
    • Cochrane library
    • Elsevier CDI Reference
  • Reply on print materials to conduct a traditional library research. Collect your citations as you perform your write-up. The printed resources you find in the Library have almost always been thoroughly evaluated by experts before they are published.


Year 5 students will have to match their level of writing skills to that of a First Year Resident doctor. In order to relate to publications standards set for healthcare professionals, refer to the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) framework – Level 2.

You can continue to build a professional portfolio as an medical educator when engaged in writing and submitting your scholarly works for publication.

Here are some publication and scholarly contribution repositories…

Use the library databases such as:

  • Web of Science (Journal Impact Factors & Journal Citation Reports),
  • Cochrane Library &
  • ProQuest Dissertations database.

Simultaneously, they will use index medicus to locate journal citations. You can also refer to our student consultation page on our medical library blog for for Systematic and Meta-analysis repositories. Students will also identify and adhere to copyright law (IPOS and Academy Medicine of Singapore) when writing scholarly publications.


BONUS CLIP! How do you calculate highly cited journals?

Watch this video on Journal Impact Factor metric – learn how it’s calculated, and how it’s used.

Source: [Web of Science Training]. (2017, June 23). Journal Citation Reports – Journal Impact Factor. [Video File]. Retrieved from


Upon graduation, you have a choice of entering your residency training in your selected choice of hospital/specialty. Your journey in medical writing and publication continues when you get involved in various research projects over your 4 years of residency training. At year 4 senior residency programme, you will be expected to factor in teaching hours at clinical sties. Thus, your involvement and role in medical education research areas widens and expands.

Here are some important websites for you to equip yourself with more information on medical writing and publication matters.

  • The ACGME for Residents and Fellows welcome page (Click Here)
  • ACGME Resident Survey Content Areas (Click Here)
  • The Academy of Medical Educators (AoME) – (Click Here)

Source: [Academy of Medical Educators]. (2014, Nov 20). JThe Academy of Medical Educators. [Video File]. Retrieved from



Medical Writing [electronic resource] : A Guide for Clinicians, Educators, and Researchers / by Robert B. Taylor. Publication Date: 2011






What Every Medical Writer Needs to Know [electronic resource] : Questions and Answers for the Serious Medical Author / by Robert B. Taylor. Publication Date: 2015