Apr 2, 2019

Project Summary

Pulse creates a playful, tactile playground for audiences to experience the digital interpretations of our urban landscape today. Immerse with colourful visualisation projections, and explore the installation’s reflections on the influence of digital technology and media in the present day.

Pulse equals Life
Catch the living muse within Pulse  from 8pm to 9pm on 23rd and 24th August. Clad in a glowing textile dress which responds to the muse’s heartbeat and set against the splendour of domed cocoons with colourful visualisations, her fluidic gestures are keened from the tactile and visual observation of the urban city’s pulse. Join her and immerse yourselves in this beautiful meditation on the influence of digital technology on our urban landscape.

This artwork was commissioned by the National Heritage Board and was showcased at the Singapore Night Festival 2018 and DigiMuse 2019

Created By


Galina Mihaleva

School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University


Hedren Sum

NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH), Nanyang Technological University


Pat Pataranutaporn

MIT Media Lab


Kathrin Albers


Audrey Ng

School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

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